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What our customers are saying about their mattress
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Sleep Dog Mattress are the Best!! Having purchase our first Mattress, for ourselves about 7 years ago as a team driver and fleet owner for Panther Expedited. We decided that our drivers deserved to have them also. We have purchase 6 more mattresses over the years. Our drivers love them. Driving team and sleeping on some of the rough roads is a challenge in expedited business. But Sleep Dog Mattress makes a different. Mattress is unbelievable comfortable with great support.

Sleep Dog Mattress should be reward with outstanding product and Lisa with outstanding customer service. Thanks Lisa!
Work Horse Express/Ginger Davis

I purchased a SleepDog mattress from you 2 years ago this month. Wanted to give it some time to see how it actually stood up to use before I made any comments. It is without a doubt THE BEST mattress I've EVER slept on. After 2 years of use I cannot tell any difference from when I first began to use it. To give you an idea of how impressed I've been with my SleepDog mattress I've recommended it to some of my friends. Now that in and of itself is not impressive. So, what is? you may ask...If they ordered a SleepDog mattress and were not as happy with it as I then I would reimburse them myself for the cost. This is also the first time I've ever been so happy with a product that I've submitted a comment. Thank you so much for an excellent product.
Herbert Moore - Augusta,GA

I spent from September 26 through October 6, 2011 on a road trip in my Four Wheel Camper 'Hawk' truck camper. As you know this is the unit that has the Sleep Dog mattress.

I have to tell you that the 10 days that I spent sleeping in the camper were absolutely great thanks to the new Sleep Dog mattress. I replaced a mattress that was like sleeping on cement with the new Sleep Dog mattress.

I can honestly say that I slept like a baby. I actually slept between 9 and 10 hours each night which is unheard of for me. My back did not ache! My body did not ache! I felt great each morning! My only regret each morning was that I had to get up.

The Sleep Dog mattress is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Thank you so much for working with me on the order for this mattress and custom designing the size of the mattress to perfectly fit my truck camper.

My recommendation is that all truck camper owners should talk to you and order a Sleep Dog mattress, if they want to get the best sleep of their lives. I also want to thank you for assisting me in finding the company that made the custom sized sheets to fit my mattress.

I did put the sticker on and will get a picture of me and the camper with the sticker in to send to you.

Mark Turnbull - Wallace, NC
After 35 years of trucking this is the best mattress I've ever slept on. When the truck goes - I'm keeping the mattress.
Dave Marson - Calgary Alberta

Just to let you and everyone else know how much I enjoy my mattress. I run sleeper team for a national LTL carrier, in a single axle truck. You can get bounced around in the bunk pretty bad on some of these rough roads. Tried about everything possible to get a decent ride in the bunk. Before getting the Sleepdog mattress, we had an air mattress that worked pretty good. Getting the Sleepdog mattress was the best decision I have made. My team partner was off for a few weeks when I first got the mattress, so I had a few other drivers fill-in. I didn't tell any of them about the mattress before they went back to the bunk. When they would get up, they would ask what kind of mattress we had in our bunk, as they never slept so good. I told them it was a Sleepdog. Word has gotten around, and just recently another team got their Sleepdog mattress also. Oh yes, my regular partner is back, and he is enjoying a good rest also.

Michael & Carla Richards - Norton, KS We run team on two lanes in North and South Dakota. Pretty rugged ride. Hated to go back to sleeper for our breaks. Now we can't wait. We now get a great sleep. SLEEPDOGMATTRESS MADE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. THANKS FOR A PRODUCT THAT WORKS.
Michael & Carla Richards - Norton, KS
I want to drop a line to you and thank you for the great mattress you make. I had a custom cut mattress for a 2005 kw t800. I have never slept better. I do not wake up with sore or asleep shoulders. I feel well rested. The comfort is incredible. I fall asleep much faster. I want you to thank Dave Nemo as well, I would have never known of this mattress without him.

Thank you,
Todd Feucht - Westfield, WI
I have been using your SleepDogMatteress for a couple of months and I am more than satisfied. The edge doesn't break down as I set at the desk and work on my computer like the spring mattresses would do.

I liked it so much that about I ordered a California King for our water-bed frame [at hom]. While others have said that the Tempur-Pedic beds are hot to sleep on your mattress with the bamboo cover does not have this effect. With the low price of this bed, (about 75% cheaper than the Tempur-Pedic) not only is it a great bed it is a tremendous bargain.

Thanks for selling a great product.
Tom Newman - Altamont, IL
Thanks- for such a great product! I'm a big guy and the mattress is a blessing. I couldn't wait to try it out and wow- first time I tried it I slept through the night without waking up numerous times. The quality of restful sleep is beyond words. I highly recommend this great product to all my fellow drivers out there!

Thank you!
Kirk Coft - Sumas, WA
I received the mattress last week. I wanted to pass along my praises of your products and service. One major problem my wife continued to complain about was when I moved at night it woke her up. Since using your mattress we have both experienced the best sleep of our lives.

We both wake up in the same position as we fell asleep. I highly recommend everyone try the SleepDogMattress.com [for truckers] and BedInABox.com mattress [for your home]. It has put a whole new meaning to getting a good night's sleep.

Greg McDermand - Gnadenhutten, OH
Vice President
Safety First Sleep Solutions
Dear Lisa,

Having bought our first mattress from you over 6 months ago, my wife still sleeping on her old mattress, that we ordered from professionals in Ontario CA only 8 months ago was complaining of her back being sore and not sleeping well. We ordered another mattress from sleep dog custom cut that came and actually fit the way it was meant to be. Since then she has been sleeping well and a lot less crabby which is priceless to me as well. Thanks for taking the time to get this right the first time as we both enjoy naps and good nights sleep now. We plan on being at Louisville truck show this year and will stop and say hi.

Thanks Again,
Rick G - Merrill, WI
This mattress is absolutely the best! The first night I slept so well that I couldn't believe it! I woke up rested and refreshed, rather than tired and achy. The comments that I had heard about the bed being too warm were not true at all. In March of 2011 I got off the road to begin a business. I thought about selling the mattress to another trucker. That thought lasted about 5 minutes! I decided to keep the mattress and use it when I go camping. I will be sleeping in style and comfort! You have my permission to use my comments.
Steve from Dayton, Ohio
Hello Lisa,

Just wanted to post a few comments about my new SleepDog mattress. It was shipped faster than I ever expected! I have a memory foam topped mattress at home, and knew one for The Mystery Ship would help me get better sleep than the worn out inner spring thing called a mattress that Peterbilt throws in their trucks.

I am more than pleased with this product! I couldn't believe how much more comfortable this is - no springs making uncomfortable pressure points. The foam actually helps isolate me from the vibrations of my APU or reefer unit running, and I sleep so much better. I also do not have to tuck in the sheets every morning, which used to get pulled out from constant tossing and turning. Thanks again for a great product!
Scott Sargent - Holmen WI
Thanks and in case I hadn't thanked you guys before, thanks for the mattresses ya'll make for the big trucks As bad as my back is, it's the only thing that has made a real difference! I'm an 18 year driver with 2 million safe miles. I can safely say that a lot of it comes from a good night sleep and your mattress does help! You've obviously been doing this a long time-every driver I know will tell u the same thing: if it ain't broke don't fix it; if it makes it that much better, get all over it! Your mattresses are the second one!
Richard "Beetlejuice" Zeff - Montgomery, TX
Hello Lisa,

Just a note on how much I love my Sleepdog Coolmax mattress. I sleep on a Tempur Pedic mattress at home and I thought it was the best mattress on Earth. Before I bought the Sleepdog mattress for my truck, I couldn't wait to get home to catch up on my sleep. Now with the Sleepdog mattress , I can't wait to get back on the road. The Sleepdog mattress is by far much more comfortable then the Tempur Pedic at home. I think every driver should check out the Sleepdog mattress for the best night sleep possible for better rest, health and safety. Thanks Lisa!!!
Glenn Keifer - Rosholt, SD
K & H Trucking
Scott Sutter - Reisterstown, MD<br>
Epoch Farm LLC Dear SleepDogMattress,

I am writing to say that I received my mattress and I can't believe how fast it was shipped. Thank you.

Our farm, for who I am a driver, grows and delivers hay from the mid-Atlantic region to Florida. Florida Hay Now

For me, after many hours of loading hay then hours of driving, getting a good nights sleep is absolutely essential! Now that I have slept on the mattress a number of times, I must tell you, I am truly amazed at how comfortable it is!!! I can't believe the difference when compared to the old spring mattress I was sleeping on.

Again, I want to thank you for shipping the mattress so quickly and to let you know how pleased I am with it. Sincerely,
Scott Sutter - Reisterstown, MD
Epoch Farm LLC
I purchased a dog bed from Sleepdogmattress.com and was very unhappy with what I received. I called and left a message on their telephone telling them how unhappy I was. Lisa called me the next morning and was so polite to me. I went in to their website again and was reading to Lisa what was on their website where I'd ordered from. I was shocked to see that I received exactly what was described in their ad. I was totally embarrassed and Lisa was so sweet and nice and sent me what I "thought" I had ordered. She also sent me a return receipt for the dog bed I was not happy with, even though it was all my mistake in the ordering. In my opinion, Sleepdogmattress.com has outstanding customer service.
Jeannie Elley - Oregon.

SleepDog mattress compared to our old mattress that was a spring mattress: there is no comparison- it is amazing. You really have to try it to believe the difference.

Thank you,
Bill & Patty Jonsson - Kawkawkin, MI
Dear Lisa,

I had a back surgery about seven years ago and since [then] I have been unable to wake up in the morning in my truck without pain, but since I have bought the SleepDog I have not been one morning without waking up satisfied and the more I lay on it the better I feel about going to rest knowing that I'm not gonna get that pain when I wake up. Thanks for your product and I'm actually thinking of buying one for the home let me know if there is any info on a home purchase.

Danny Gowan - Union, SC
I am so glad I purchased this mattress, I sleep very soundly and wake ready to work another day. In 22 years over the road I have never slept so well.

Thank you,
David E Matheny - Parkersburg, WV
Dear Lisa,

Just wanted to say I absolutely love my new mattress! It is one of the best purchases I have ever made for my truck. No more backache or waking up with my hands or feet asleep. Usually I sleep with the truck turned off and would get cold, but I don't seem to notice that with this mattress. Also, with the truck running I can feel none of the vibration or shaking I did with the old mattress. I am so glad to see a product made in the U.S.A.

Thank you for a quality product at a fair price.

Clayton R. Christian - Howard, PA
We want you to know how really great our mattress is working for us. Driving team and trying to sleep on some of the rough roads we are on is a challenge, but this mattress has made it much more comfortable. We can actually get good rest now. We are very grateful to the person that gave us your website, we will recommend you to everyone-especially to people that need the custom sizes as we did. Thank You, Thank you.
Steve and Alice Simons - Sutherlin, Oregon
Just wanted to comment on the SleepDog I bought. I just love it. I sleep like a dog now. No more sore back in the morning. Great product, wish I found it earlier

Thank Your,
Ray Souza - Oceanview, HI
I at first questioned the price of the SleepDog Mattress. But I went ahead and got me one. I didn't know just how good I slept on this mattress til I had to spend a night in the motel, waiting to get my truck back from the shop. I WANT MY SLEEPDOG. MY BACK IS KILLING ME AFTER JUST ONE NIGHT ON A MOTEL MATTRESS. I love you SleepDog!
Pam Hoydt - Dittmer, MS
I am sorry I am late in responding to you folks. I ordered and picked up my mattress last year in November. I have since spent all but 21 nights on it. I bought my truck new in November of 08, it came with an innerspring mattress. I never really slept well on it. I had a previous memory mattress from Comfort Foam of Indiana. Your product is thicker and firmer and even my wife found it as comfortable as her bed at home. I had tried the foam topper on the innerspring and it helped but should have saved my money.

Your product just measures up better then what I have had before. I have recommended you to other drivers as I do with any product that I find lives up to its claims. If I need another mattress you are the people I am calling to supply it. Thanks.
Ernie Brothers - Gillette, WY
Fred Green - Jefferson, OH Dear SleepDogMattress,

First of all, I would like to thank you for awarding my prize of a free mattress, and apologize for not being able to respond sooner. Secondly, I would like to thank everyone at SleepDog for a wonderful job with both outstanding customer service as well as providing quality product. Since I was awarded the prize of my free mattress, I have had nothing other than an amazing experience. Every morning I wake up, I feel much more refreshed, and a lot less of the old aches and pain I endured with my old mattress. My only disappointment is not discovering your product sooner. Had I been aware of just how pleased I would be, I would have purchased a mattress from SleepDog long ago. Since the first night I slept on my new SleepDog mattress, I have spread the word to many fellow truckers of just how happy I am with your company and product. Once again, thank you for time, as well as your tremendous customer service and product. I will surely be making a purchase from SleepDog in the future. Attached is a photo of my '07 Freightliner Coronado and I.

Best Regards,
Fred Green - Jefferson, OH

We ordered a SleepDog CoolMAX from you a couple of weeks ago. We now have had it in our truck for over a week and absolutely love it! It fits exactly right into the space and is unbelievably comfortable. It's made a huge difference in the quality of sleep we are getting. The bed feels bigger and gives great support. It also absorbs much of the shock while riding down the road. We are 110% completely satisfied with our purchase.

Mike and Peggy Johnson - Iowa
John Kelsey - Union Grove, AL Dear SleepDogMattress,

I have been meaning to write you to again thank you for my mattress.

As I have told you before, I have been suffering for several months with a ruptured disk in my back. Long days of loading and unloading quite often make for long rest periods without much rest. My old conventional mattress, though a very high quality "name brand" mattress, just could not give me the support my back required. Getting to sleep was difficult and I would constantly awaken with pains in my back spreading.

Since having received my new mattress from you rest periods are just that. The quality of rest I receive has improved and I wake up feeling better than I have in a great long time. The difference is amazing and much more than what I expected. After the second night I was wondering how I had ever gotten along without this mattress.

So thank you again for my great mattress and know just how much difference it has meant to me.
John Kelsey - Union Grove, AL
I have been team truck driving with my husband for almost 4 years now. I have purchased several mattress pads, anything to make the bunk more comfortable. Nothing has worked. I drive at night and sleep during the day, the roads and highways in our country are in need of some major repair. Being bounced around does not enhance ones sleep.

In March at the Mid-America Truck Show I was on a mission. To find a good mattress for the truck. Well I did it.

BedInABox (Now SleepDogMattress) had a display and I knew once I stretched out on that mattress that I would be ordering one.

Well, It came and we were on the road. So I had to wait a month to get home. Then we changed companies, so that added more time. I also got another mattress for the top bunk during that stretch of time. I was so anxious to try this mattress out.

Now we are on the road and have had our first night in the truck on new mattresses. Jon and I both slept GREAT! Neither one of us work up sore or still tired. I was even able to take a nap yesterday without being thrown around.

That in it self is wonderful to me.

I am recommending this mattress to all my truck driving friends.

I will probably be buying one for my new home before the end of the year.

Oh, and one other thing that made me happy is that it is MADE IN THE USA.

Theresa L. Johnson - Cedar Vale, KS
Dear SleepDogMattress,

I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with my new truck mattress. I have been sleeping on your mattress for a few month's now, and I have to say I have never had better night's sleep before now. The memory foam appears to be top quality and is very supportive and comfortable. I awake fully rested and without those little aches and pains I used to experience on my old mattress. The mattress sleeps cool also, I thought it may be warm while sleeping or just resting.......... but this is not the case. It also seems to isolate some vibrations from the idling truck, again....making it more comfortable. The ease of ordering online and the way you crush and roll the mattress...............shipping it in a carton is unique and convenient. Upon receiving the mattress I easily put it in the truck through the sleeper door and unpacked it. It would easily go through the front truck doors if it had to. After removing the packing materials the mattress expanded to full thickness immediately, very impressive. I know I will never have to take advantage of your very generous warranty, as the quality and workmanship of your product is very good.

Best Regards,
Donnie Seiber - Tennessee
Hello Hello, I got a 50 x 75 custom cut mattress for my truck, I am a very happy customer. I sleep very well on mattress and I love your pillows, perfect height. I am telling all my trucking friends about it, they all agree it is good. My wife traveled with me to Texas and that trip was the first she slept while driving, she was amazed and very happy. Again thank you, thank you for a great product. I'll be back!
Woody "Stoltzfoos" - Leola, PA
Gene Bird, Sr. - Mondridge, KS Dear Lisa:

I have a Tempur-Pedic mattress at home, so it is nice to have a memory foam mattress in the truck. My arms don't go to sleep, and it beats, by far, any mattress that comes with a truck. The "Bed in a Box" concept is especially helpful for getting the mattress into the sleeper.

I sleep far better on this mattress, and feel more rested when I wake up than I did with any other mattress I've had before. Even with less hours of sleep on this mattress, as compared with more hours of sleep on other conventional mattresses, I feel more rested than I do with more hours of sleep on other mattresses.

I must say that I was hesitant to purchase your product, the Sleep Dog Mattress, over the internet, but I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I did, and how impressed I am with the quality of this product. I am very, very pleased with the Sleep Dog Mattress. I've been on the road for 35 years, and I would recommend this mattress to anyone. It is well worth the money.

Gene Bird, Sr. - Mondridge, KS
Thanks for following up on my purchase. I am very satisfied with the mattress. I sleep better in the truck than I do at home. I would recommend this mattress to anybody.

Michael Peek - Sedalia, CO
Hello Lisa,

Randy and I were excited to find out that we had actually won the August drawing for a free memory foam mattress that was offered at the recent truck show in Dallas, TX. We would definitely recommend anyone that is interested in buying a memory foam mattress to contact your website so they can enjoy the same restful night sleep that we are having now.

Randy Caldwell & Rebecca Williams - Hanover, NH
November 18, 2009

We have traveled more than 50,000 miles since we placed it in our truck and all I can say is that this mattress definitely merits more advertisement. The spring type mattress we had in our truck left us tired and struggling to get a restful night's sleep. However, now that we have a memory foam mattress we can sleep well in all types of climate conditions. Randy laughs at me because I will fall to sleep in less than 5 minutes whereas before it would take me most of the night to fall asleep. Another great aspect of this mattress is that is greatly reduces the "bounce-factor" when we are on the road. The spring type mattress would cause me to bounce completely up in the air at times whereas the memory foam mattress allows me to sleep without even noticing some of the rough roads that we encompass across the country. WE LOVE IT!

Randy Caldwell & Rebecca Williams - Hanover, NH
I received my custom cut Sleep Dog mattress (52"x80") on Wednesday at home while I was on the road. I installed it on Saturday and slept on it Sunday night. It was GREAT!! Usually I have to be out 2 or 3 days before I got a good night's sleep, not this time! The following nights' sleep were just as good.

I arrived home today, Saturday, fully rested and ready to tackle the Honey-Do list that awaits me, not tired and starry eyed and in need of an off day to recover!

Thanks to Sleep Dog Mattress, I looking forward to many more restful nights on the road just like at home (I have one here also, California King)

P.S. Your pillows ain't bad either!!
Rick Oglesby
A satisfied customer,
Rock Mills, Alabama

I put the mattress in my truck last weekend, it fit perfectly. I slept all night, no aches or pains in the morning. I thank you for your help in getting my mattress made.
Doug Keeling - Indiana

Received the Memory Foam Mattresses and set them up on the Ultramatic Sleep System Box Springs (adjustable beds) and gave them a try. Got up the next morning and for the first time in years I had no aches or pains to start the day with. Really a good investment.

Thank you for all of your help in getting them shipped to me.

I will keep trying to promote your organization because there is nothing like excellent products combined with excellent customer service

Take Care,
Wayne - Casper, WY
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