What is so special about SleepDogmattress.com?

    Features & Benefits:
  • Comfortable, pain relieving memory foam
  • Reduces motion transfer & vibration (great for team drivers)
  • Cooler sleeping, open cell technology
  • Immediately conforms to your body
  • Made in The USA.
  • 120 Zero-Risk Return Policy
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Fast, Free shipping to contiguous U.S See Shipping Map
  • Custom Sizes available- made to your specifications

Finally, a REAL mattress made just for truckers.

A mattress made just for truckers (a real mattress, not a 4 inch block of foam that most companies pass off as a truck mattress) - to help you get quality rest on your over-the-road-trips. This mattress will sleep cooler, rebound quicker, and reduce vibration/motion transfer better than regular truck mattresses. You are looking at an amazing new technology - A memory foam truck mattress so advanced that we feel justified in saying it is simply the finest truck mattress made in America (Mount Airy, North Carolina).

When compared to other manufacturers of memory foam, ours is superior in comfort, durability, and price - GUARANTEED! That's right, we offer a 120 Day Sleep Guarantee as well as a 20 Year Warranty. See our Zero-Risk return policy for more details.

But don't take our word for it, see what other TRUCKERS are saying about their SleepDog Memory Foam Truck Mattress on our truck mattress reviews page.

Welcome To The SleepDog Memory Foam Truck Mattress Category

SleepDogMattress.com is where you will get the best memory foam truck mattress at the absolute lowest price.

Good, Better, Best options for your truck.

  • The Pup™ Reversible Memory Foam Truck Mattress Topper – Is a revolutionary new product that is designed to help truckers get better sleep without breaking the bank. Our reversible Pup™ is designed to offer two levels of comfort, memory foam on one side and HR support foam on the other. Customize the way it feels simply by flipping it over. You can use it on that hard 'piece of foam' other companies call a mattress and it will soften it up a bit and provide you with a good sleeping surface.
  • The SleepDog™ CoolMAX™ Memory Foam Truck Mattress – The mattress that started it all, this is the original US-Made high quality memory foam truck mattress. The SleepDog™ CoolMAX™ is 8" thick (double the thickness of stock truck mattresses). It has 3" of premium, next-generation BASF memory foam and 5" of extra supportive (made specifically for truckers) High Resiliency (HR) base foam for incredible support on the road.
  • The Big Dawg™ Memory Foam Truck Mattress - The Big Dawg™ employs the same memory foam and High Resiliency (HR) support foam as the SleepDog™ CoolMAX™. The luxury cover adds an extra 2" to the profile of the 8" core for a total height of 10" and has a traditional mattress feel without the pressure points caused by springs and hard foam.

All of our mattresses come with fast, FREE DELIVERY! Check delivery time to your location.

We use the safest, newest generation of pressure relieving memory foam by BASF that makes traditional memory foam obsolete. All of our memory foam is made in North Carolina using "Clean Foam" technology without harmful chemicals or chemical smells. All of our mattresses provide a perfect blend of density, durability and comfort unsurpassed in the bedding industry today. The supporting High Resiliency base foam is made from a very high quality BASF formulation that has been tested by a 3rd party and is guaranteed to last.

Our unique packaging enables us to offer a high-quality product at a fraction of the cost. We are manufacturer direct to you, with Fast, FREE shipping. We have developed a special packaging machine (built by our owner, Bill Bradley) that takes a standard size memory foam mattress and puts it neatly into a compact box (16" x 16" x 45") so we can ship our memory foam mattress inexpensively anywhere in the country (and Canada too). It's easy to transport our mattress up stairs, in an elevator or in the trunk of a small car. It will fit through your emergency escape in your sleeper cab for easy installation. After you un-package this remarkable mattress it's ready to sleep on in less than 5 minutes.