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More About Memory Foam

Memory foam is an incredible product designed to do one thing – provide pressure relief. One of the very first memory foam applications, a wheel chair seat pad, kept patients who had to be in a wheel chair for long periods of time from getting sores. It was also found to help relieve pressure for those who were bedridden. Now, it is generally accepted as simply the finest sleep surface that money can buy.

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane which is technically, a plastic. All memory foam is petroleum-based and contains many different chemicals. A certain amount of all the oil that is refined in the U.S. is allocated to produce polyurethane foam. Foam prices have been going up as oil prices rise.

Memory foam costs more than regular polyurethane foam and it is only made by highly specialized manufacturers with very large foam "pouring" machines. There are different ways to make memory foam by using different chemicals. If you click on: How memory foam is made, you may find it very interesting.™ buys its memory foam mattresses direct from the manufacturer, eliminating the middle man. We pass the savings on to our customers.

As with most products, there are ways to make quality products that look good, last long and are safe. There are also ways to make products look good (like the original) that do not last and are not safe. These are called "cheap imitations" and the world is full of them.

Memory foam suffers from this more than most products today and most of the cheap imitations are coming out of China. There are no regulations on these cheap imitations and many may be dangerous to your health because of certain chemicals used to "cut corners" to save money. (A toxic chemical smell will often be present with non-U.S. made foam.) Chemicals known to cause cancer and which are banned from use in U.S. products are showing up in non-U.S. made memory foam. Be careful.

If you find inexpensive memory foam mattresses or toppers on the shelf at "superstores" like Wal-Mart® or Costco®, or on websites, check to find out where the foam is made. It is strongly suggested that you avoid subjecting your kids or loved ones to hazardous materials which may be present in cheap, non-U.S. made foam.

Our memory foam is made in North Carolina, using the most advanced and safest chemicals, created by the most trusted name in chemical technology, BASF. You have probably seen BASF ads on TV. They are the ones that say, "At BASF, we don't make the products you buy, we make the products you buy, better." They really did make memory foam better and we sell it.

The company who makes our polyurethane foam still makes the foam used by NASA for its Space Shuttle, and has since 1983. No other company can make this claim including Tempur-Pedic®.

We are a company devoted to sharing the best discovery in bedding ever. Memory foam relieves pressure better than anything else. There is high quality, inexpensive memory foam and there is poor quality, cheap memory foam. There is also high quality EXPENSIVE memory foam and there are REASONS why it is so expensive.

Companies like Tempur-Pedic® have spent millions to bring you the good news. We are grateful to them for doing such a fine job but somebody has to pay for all that expensive advertising.

There are many companies, like us, who get a tremendous benefit from what Tempur-Pedic® has done to show the benefits of memory foam to the public and create high demand.

And then there are the companies who see how much money they can make riding the wave of Tempur-Pedic® popularity. Tempur-Pedic® charges a lot of money for a mattress that just doesn't cost that much to make. Other companies charge a lot of money because they think they can get away with it. Many are.

We believe that everyone deserves to get the best sleep possible. It is now possible to be free from pain caused by pressure and you shouldn't have to pay a high price for it. We have created ingenious packaging to ship our mattresses inexpensively. We use the Internet along with advanced e-commerce technology to keep our overhead low and our prices as low as possible.

We offer the highest quality, lowest priced memory foam mattress - period.

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