Limited Time: Save 25% on mattresses
Limited Time: Save 25% on mattresses
Limited Time: Save 25% on mattresses

How RealTruck Supports Truckers and Truck Enthusiasts

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With 5,000 associates and 72 facilities located across four continents, RealTruck is the leading aftermarket retailer for all things truck, Jeep, and Ford Bronco. From leading brands like Husky Liners to BAK, BedRug, and AMP Research, RealTruck’s large portfolio of brands is designed to improve the everyday lives of recreational truck riders, off-roaders, and even semi-truck drivers.

One of RealTruck’s proudest brands remains RoadWorks–an aftermarket semi-truck retailer located in Indiana that manufactures innovative solutions for semi-trucks, such as aftermarket bumpers, fends, shifters, and more. No matter your mode of transportation, though, you can upgrade your on and off road experiences with top-of-the-line aftermarketing accessories, some of our favorites coming directly from RealTruck.

Who Is RealTruck?

RealTruck is the leading manufacturer and digital retailer of aftermarket parts built for trucks, Jeeps, semi-trucks, and other SUVs. With a portfolio of over 29 brands and 880 patents, RealTruck is your one-stop shop for everything you need to repair, build, or improve your truck, including floor liners, tonneau covers, exhaust systems, interior parts, and more.

How RoadWorks Manufactures Innovative Solutions for Truckers

RealTruck doesn’t just manufacture solutions for recreational vehicles, but also commercial vehicles. One of its proudest brands is RoadWorks, which provides durable solutions for most leading semi-truck makes, including Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, and Peterbilt. Looking to upgrade your sleeper cab? Check out RoadWorks aftermarket parts for your rig, including new bumpers, exhaust systems, and universal light replacements.

Husky Liners for Commercial or Recreational Vehicles

Whether you’re hauling cargo or taking your Jeep down the trail, muddy boots and miscellaneous cargo are bound to take a toll on your interior. Husky Liners–the most recognizable brand in floor liners–offers durable and stylish floor liners designed to fit any vehicle, including semi truck rigs. Husky Liners offers far more than just liners, though. Protect your vehicle with Husky cargo liners, sun shades, mud flaps, and even interior organizers.

BackRack Turns Your Truck Into a Commercial Vehicle

Truck racks serve many purposes, from expanding cargo space to protecting your roof and truck bed from oversized items. BackRack–the leading manufacturer of aftermarket truck racks and rails in the US–offers innovative solutions to support truck enthusiasts who use their trucks as a work vehicle or as an occasional hauler. With no drilling necessary, BackRack’s truck racks make installation and customization a breeze.

Take Adventure to the Next Level with SuperLift Suspensions

Inside of every truck driver and off-roader is a little bit of an adrenaline junkie who loves the open road (or trail). SuperLift’s leveling and lift kits are designed to improve your truck’s stance and make it off-road ready. SuperLift offers leading aftermarket suspension components for off-roading, including shocks, stabilizers, and full lift kits–all under a lifetime warranty.

Pairing RealTruck and SleepDog®

RealTruck and SleepDog® are both focused on bringing truckers, travelers and adventurers their best on-the-road and off-road experiences. As we focus on over-the-road comforts at SleepDog® with proprietary truck and RV mattress constructions, RealTruck has elevated every truck owner’s experience with their top-of-the-line aftermarket truck accessories. Bring your truck to life when you pair SleepDog® and RealTruck.

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