Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses
Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses
Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses

Kansas Rest Stops

Kansas Rest Stops

Journeying through Kansas unveils an expanse of prairies, iconic landmarks, and bustling towns. Whether you’re taking an RV road trip, delivering materials in a semi-truck, or just passing through, it’s important to take breaks along the way. To optimize your road trip experience, Kansas offers a selection of well-maintained rest areas located strategically along its major highways. Here, we offer a roundup of key rest stops in Kansas to bookmark for your travels. For a complete list of Kansas rest stops and information on RV dump stations, visit the Kansas DOT’s website.

Belle Plaine Service Area – Belle Plaine

Located on the Kansas Turnpike (Interstate 35), the Belle Plaine Service Area is a comprehensive stopover. Its offerings include:

  • Clean restrooms
  • Dining options, including 24-hour fast-food restaurants
  • Fuel services
  • A convenience store and ATM
  • Parking for cars, trucks, and RVs

Matfield Green Service Area – Matfield Green / Cassoday

Situated on the Kansas Turnpike, the Matfield Green Service Area stands amidst the beautiful Flint Hills and is a perfect stop for anyone traveling either northbound or southbound. This rest area provides:

  • Restrooms
  • ADA accessible facilities
  • Dining and fuel services
  • Ample parking spaces for cars, trucks, and RVs

Goodland Welcome Center and Rest Area – Goodland

Off Interstate 70 Eastbound, the Goodland Welcome Center and Rest Area serves as a great stopping point for travelers. The facilities here include:

  • Restrooms
  • Picnic areas with shelters
  • Vending machines
  • Travel information center with friendly staff
  • Parking spaces for cars, trucks, and RVs

Towanda Service Area – Towanda

Just off the Kansas Turnpike, the Towanda Service Area is another essential stopover for those traveling both northbound and southbound. Amenities at this rest stop include:

  • Restrooms and accessible facilities
  • Fast-food and convenience services
  • Fuel stations and charge point
  • Parking spaces for cars, trucks, and RVs

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