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Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses
Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses

Why Cota Systems™ is Our Preferred Trucking Dispatch Software 2024

Welcome friends! Jerry Reed was surely onto something with these lyrics: "Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin', we're gonna do what they say can't be done."

When it comes to the US trucking industry, times are changing. We've seen one heck of a shift in how goods are getting moved around, especially after that whole pandemic mess. According to McKinsey, railroad shipments took a dive (at a total of 20% without recovery). What's more, ocean shipping has seen a 25% drop.

But the buck doesn't stop there. Those last mile deliveries are on the rise, as well as hub-and-spoke shipping (with a forecasted 8.8% in e-commerce sales for 2024 calling for the industry to adapt to this demand with box truck & localized services).

And that, my friends, is exactly why small and medium carriers are always holding the line, just like we always do. And one tool that's revolutionary in our eyes is Cota Systems™. These guys are leading the pack with their trucking dispatch software.

In this post, we're going to show you how Cota Systems™ is helping small and medium carriers keep up with the big dogs by transforming just how trucking logistics are handling SMBs through some pretty ingenious tech. So why do we stand by Cota Systems™ in 2024? Let us break it down for you:

What is Cota Systems™?

Cota Systems™ ain't your average shipping solution. They're a leader in streamlined shipping solutions. Basically, they lead the charge in making shipping smoother than a newly paved highway.

For independent carriers, this is practically a golden ticket to a wider pool of shipments. They enable carriers to find and bid on jobs, while also optimizing their routes. This means Cota Systems™ is the hook-up truckers need to maximize bang for their buck.

They've also created a fair and transparent marketplace where competing is based on what really matters: how well we do our job (what we have to offer and our performance). Cota Systems™ integrates features like real-time freight matching, route optimization, automated quoting, and some sweet communication tools.

What is a trucking dispatch software?

Trucking dispatch software is a special tool that's like having a trusty co-pilot who knows the ins and outs of the road better than anyone. Truck dispatching software is designed to make trucker and dispatcher lives a little easier. They handle everything such as compliance with regulations (that keep our fleets running like well-oiled machines). Plus, these bad boys automate all the meat of dispatching. This includes scheduling and routing of truck deliveries, so truckers can focus on the road.

With Cota Systems™ trucking dispatch software, there are features that help you view, track, and manage your dispatch activities with ease. That's because they're leading the way with A.I. technology while acting as the backbone of modern fleet management, revolutionizing operations, and increasing profit.


With CarrierPro™, you're looking at trucking dispatch software that's engineered to take hauling efforts to the next level. It's got the bells and whistles needed to boost shipments and revenue streams. The software offers a powerhouse of tools for dispatching, along with a web app for management and a mobile app that's tailor-made for drivers. And when it comes to the interface, it's as user-friendly as it gets (even us old dogs can learn it in no time at all). With this solution, we can dispatch loads, manage billing to shippers and make sure all drivers get paid on time (with just a few clicks).


CarrierPro™ Mobile for Drivers

When it comes to trucking software dispatch for on-the-go, nothing compares to CarrierPro™ Mobile. This is a driver's best friend on the road. It's acting as a lifesaver with real-time sync for trip logs and detention times. This makes staying compliant with regulations so much easier. CarrierPro™ Mobile continues to work its magic by allowing truckers to update trip events straight from their phones and upload Bills of Lading (BOL) while on the road. All-in-all, this mobile app saves time and avoids delays, so truckers can stay on track along the way.

CarrierPro™ Mobile for Drivers
CarrierPro™ Mobile for Drivers


Next up on their trucking dispatch software suite is LoadBoost™. Think of it as your secret weapon, as it leverages Cota Systems™' network to connect shippers with vetted box truck carriers (cutting out the middlemen). At the same time, it's going to boost efficiency and earnings. With real-time quoting and load matching, truckers can snag available loads based on their location. LoadBoost™ uses advanced algorithms for optimal pricing, as well as filters to find the best rates or align with your current routes to pick up loads along the way.

And get this - Christmas may be coming early for truckers because pretty soon LoadBoost™ is teaming up with authenticated 3rd party shipments in the industry that are bound to bring even more freight for truckers to haul.



We like to think of FreightPro™ as the king of instant freight quotes. When it comes to software within dispatch systems, this baby makes it easy for shippers to find carriers and book their services in just a few clicks.

But what truly makes this shipping management software stand out is its capability to deliver amazing mid-mile e-commerce quotes through an advanced algorithm that accurately classifies shipments based on size and density (making sure carriers are getting paid appropriately). You're looking at a software that supports both LTL (less than truckload) and FTL (full truckload) shipments, giving way for a smoother shipping process and no pallet count requirement.

Furthermore, every shipment quoted through FreightPro™ is added to LoadBoost™, giving CotaCarriers™ exclusive access to these loads, thereby increasing load opportunities. Plus, they take it a step further with QR code tech for fraud protection. This allows carriers and truckers to scan for proof of driver identity, secure delivery confirmations, and provide the ability to share shipment details with third parties. This means deliveries are safe and sound, no matter where the road leads.


Extensive Trucker Resources

Cota Systems™ has some killer, cutting-edge tech. But it doesn't stop with trucking dispatch software - it was designed for truckers, by truckers. You can bet on them being dedicated to providing resources to experienced drivers and owner operators:

Why Truckers Choose Cota Systems™

Cota Systems™ puts truckers first because they know the struggles faced on the road first-hand:

  • Lack of access to technology for carriers and truckers potentially costs them $1000/week of potential revenue. Small carriers, operating without software, can't offer real-time tracking for shippers and are less favored.
  • The trucking industry is highly vulnerable to fraud and theft that's growing annually: According to a report from Forbes, there are 1,183 reports of cargo thefts in 2023. These average a loss of $586,917, for a total of $694,327,811 in stolen goods. However, it's important to realize that the actual number is likely higher since not all theft cases are reported.

They're committed to making truckers' lives easier by offering free advanced tools such as free trucking dispatch software and load boards to increase profit and efficiency. With features like automated dispatching and real-time load matching, truckers can say goodbye to empty miles. I mean, what's not to love about free access to exclusive fraud-free loads? Cota Systems™ helps truckers haul with confidence.

What Users Are Saying About Cota Systems™

They’re flipping the script in the trucking industry by providing free, advanced logistics technology and dispatch trucking software to small carriers. They're granting access to technology that was once only available to the big guys (enterprises). This levels the playing field for independent trucking businesses. Independent truckers are often referred to as the 'invisible fleet.' These truckers account for the trucking majority in the US. Statistics from HDT 2023 Fact Book indicate that small carriers represent 95% of the market, with the majority operating fleets of 10 trucks or less.

With Cota Systems™, truckers can make more money per mile. Their ingenious features, like same-day pay and real-time trip updates, aim to reduce administrative costs by up to a whopping 40%. This means that Cota Systems™ has the potential to boost profits by up to 15 per cent.


Together, Cota Systems™ and Sleep Dog® Prioritize Truckers

At Sleep Dog®, we’re focused on providing truckers with the rest they deserve with our high-quality selection of truck mattresses, toppers, and sleep essentials. As we focus on trucker health and comfort on the road, Cota Systems™ has changed the world of trucking dispatch with a ‘more money per mile’ approach. That’s why we’re proud to have chosen Cota Systems™ as our first Preferred Partner - we share a similar mission that always puts truck drivers first!

To celebrate our partnership, we’re thrilled to announce the 2024 Great American Trucker Giveaway (GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED). Be sure to enter for your chance to win some awesome semi-truck cab accessories that enhance your comfort and pride on the road:

Sleep Dog® Seat Cushion: Our cushion is here to give you the extra comfort and support you need for the long haul. Additionally, it’s the perfect complement to our semi-truck mattresses and semi-cab mattresses.

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Isn't it about time to take your trucking game to the next level? It's crucial to take the next step by evaluating your current processes. If it doesn't include trends like AI integration and cloud computing, then is it really allowing you to truly evolve in the trucking industry? Honestly, there's never been a better time to get on board. So when you're ready, upgrade to Cota Systems™ advanced trucking dispatch software. Don't get left behind. Join the revolution to hit the road and make some real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cota Systems™ the best trucking dispatch software in 2024?

Let's cut to the chase, with Cota Systems™ you get the best truck dispatch software because it leads the pack with tailor-made features for truckers. It leverages top-notch tech that's designed for small to medium sized carriers. It's like having a Swiss Army knife in the logistics industry. You get route optimization, freight matching with AI-driven pricing, and some solid fraud prevention measures. This truck dispatcher software is the go-to solution for carriers that want to boost their efficiency and security.

What are the benefits of using Cota Systems™ for small to medium-Sized carriers?

With this trucking dispatch software, here are some of the benefits carriers can reap:

Cash Flow Boost: Cota Systems™ optimizes load capacity and minimizes empty miles through LoadBoost™, connecting carriers with exclusive loads and real-time load matching.

Streamlined Operations: Streamlines administrative tasks such as invoicing, document management, and communication with CarrierPro™ and its integrated Driver App, saving time and resources.

Ironclad Security: Rigorous fraud prevention measures, secure transaction processes, and real-time risk assessments protect carriers from scams and ensure reliable payments.

Real-time communication: Integrated tools ensure seamless interaction between dispatchers and drivers, enhancing coordination and timely deliveries.

Assist with compliance: Helps carriers comply with transportation regulations by managing driver schedules, syncing trip logs, and tracking detention times.

How to get local loads for box trucks?

Due to the boom in e-commerce and the change in shopping behavior after the pandemic, Cota Systems™ focuses on box trucks. So if you're looking to snag those sweet local loads, here's the best way to find box truck loads:

  1. Networking: Build relationships with local businesses that frequently ship goods.
  2. Online Load Boards: Scope out online load boards that specialize in box truck loads.
  3. Freight Brokers: Buddy up with freight brokers who can connect you with businesses needing box truck services.
  4. Local Advertising: Advertise your services loud and clear in local business directories and online marketplaces.
  5. Dispatch Software: Tap into tech using truck dispatch software like Cota Systems™. They've got the tools that'll help you snatch up and manage those local loads like a pro.

What is the difference between the CarrierPro™ Dispatch App and Mobile App?

With the CarrierPro™ Dispatch App, you're looking at a dispatching powerhouse. This dispatch software for trucking is perfect for managing all the logistics operations like scheduling, routing, and billing. On the other hand, the Mobile App is the driver's best bud. It serves up real-time updates, trip tracking, and document uploads. And in scenarios involving owner-operators or small teams, the dispatch app can also be used on mobile devices to manage shipments.

How can the Cota System™ Trucking Dispatch Software reduce operational costs?

They aim to optimize routes, minimize empty miles, and automate all those boring admin tasks. This saves time and resources (which means more time hauling and less time sweating over mundane paperwork). Their free tools boost coordination while preventing costly delays and errors.

Plus, with the Cota Systems™ trucking dispatch software, you can say goodbye to financial headaches and thank you for the fraud prevention features and compliance management tools that help avoid fines and penalties. Furthermore, they offer deals and promotions from partnerships for truck insurance, freight factoring, fuel cards, and more. And talk about resources. They publish a lot of helpful content for truckers, brokers, and carriers on their blog on how to save cost and optimize spending.

How do I choose the right trucking dispatch software?

To decide on the right trucking dispatcher software for your business, follow these steps:

  1. Size Matters: Figure out your business’s specific needs. This includes the types of goods transported, shipment volumes, and any special industry needs.
  2. Cloud or No Cloud: Whether a cloud-based or on-premises solution suits your team better. Cloud-based solutions - like Cota Systems™ - offer flexibility, easier access from various devices, and reduce the need for extensive IT infrastructure.
  3. Room for Customization: Can it be tailored to fit your business processes and preferences? (user interface adaptations, specific reporting capabilities, unique operational workflows, etc.)
  4. Support Squad: Look into support and training for vendors
  5. Future-Proof Tech: Look for truck dispatcher software that incorporates advanced technologies like AI, which can optimize load management and enhance fraud prevention measures.
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