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The Average Lifespan of a Semi Truck Mattress

SleepDog Truck Mattress

The importance of long-distance truck drivers having a safe, comfortable space to rest inside their sleeper cabins cannot be underestimated. Like any other standard mattress, a semi truck mattress should be durable, comfortable and supportive to minimize motion transfer and maximize the quality of one’s sleep while on the road. However, mattress longevity directly correlates to the quality of your truck mattress and how well you care for it. So if you are wondering how long your mattress will really last, keep reading to learn more about the average lifespan of a semi truck mattress, what you can do to prolong your mattress lifespan, and what to look for before your next truck mattress upgrade.

Life Expectancy of a Truck Mattress

Most mattresses are expected to last between 7 and 10 years. However, there is no definitive expiration date for a mattress, and a mattress lifespan can vary depending on the type of mattress in your rig. Different mattresses contain different materials, some of which last longer than others. Listed below are the major mattress types and their expected lifespan:

  • Memory Foam: A memory foam mattress can often last up to 10-15 years, depending on the quality of the foam, of course. Foam density generally determines how long a memory foam mattress will last. High-density foam lasts longer than low-density foam. Low-density foam is less durable and will begin to deteriorate sooner.
  • Innerspring: An innerspring mattress typically lasts around 8 years. Innerspring mattress constructions contain a “comfort layer” of material that tops a coil support base. The durability of a traditional innerspring mattress is determined by the thickness of the mattress coils. Thinner coils lack support and increase the risk of mattress sagging.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid mattress can last somewhere between 8 to 10 years. Hybrid beds are generally pretty durable, constructed with both foam and coils, or springs. Again, low-density foam and thin coils will shorten the lifespan.
  • Latex: A latex mattress can last nearly as long as all-foam mattresses, with a lifespan of 10-15 years. You can depend on the durability of latex mattresses because they resist sagging, but they often come with a higher price tag.
  • Air Mattress: Air mattresses generally last between 3 and 8 years. Their lifespan is relatively short because they are susceptible to holes and malfunctions in their mechanical features.

The three mattress types most commonly found in semi trucks are inflatable mattresses, innerspring mattresses, or all-foam mattresses. Keep in mind that a truck mattress is different from a mattress in your bedroom in that it is generally smaller and thinner. Additionally, a truck mattress is going to be with you on the open road, facing wear and tear that a normal mattress would not, meaning your semi truck mattress may not last as long as one would at home.

Additional Effects on Lifespan

In addition to the type of mattress you sleep on in your sleeper cabin, there are other factors that can either shorten or prolong the lifespan.

  • Mattress Use: This may seem obvious, but the more you sit, rest or lounge on your mattress, the more quickly it will wear. Constant pressure on a mattress takes a toll on its durability.
  • Body Weight: As mentioned above, increased pressure shortens the lifespan of a mattress. Heavier sleepers, or those sleeping with a partner, may find that certain spots on their mattress will wear more quickly.
  • Sleep Position: Similar to weight, your sleep position can put varying pressure on the mattress. For example, side sleepers who need more support under their hips and shoulders, may see more wear in those areas.
  • Mattress Care: Mattresses need regular care, too. The more you maintain your mattress, the longer it should last. Simple mattress upkeep can include:
    • Making sure it sits on a stable foundation
    • Using a mattress protector or a mattress topper
    • Regular cleaning of your mattress
    • Following manufacturer care guidelines
    • Flipping (only if double sided) or rotating your mattress every six months

Signs It's Time to Say Goodbye to Your Mattress

While it is useful to know the life expectancy of your mattress, there are other ways to know if it is time for a mattress upgrade. If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, your semi truck mattress might have met its expiration:

  • Am I getting consistent rest?
  • Am I waking up with aches and pains?
  • Is my back getting enough support?
  • Have my allergies been flaring up when I get into bed?
  • Is my mattress more than 7 years old?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it may be time to look into upgrading with SleepDog® mattress. SleepDog® mattresses are 100% American-made and designed specifically for life on the road, with more durable materials that better resist common wear and tear. SleepDog® mattresses are also available in most standard semi truck and RV mattress sizes, making it easier to find a high quality mattress for wherever you call home.

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