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The SleepDog® Seat Cushion Guide

The SleepDog® Seat Cushion Guide

Studies show that prolonged sitting is correlated with chronic lower back pain. Since truck drivers sit for a living, and industrial seats do not cater to the comfort of the drivers, drivers are more likely to develop spinal and back issues than the average person. Using a seat cushion on road trips or long hauls can help reduce pressure, improve lumbar support and provide additional comfort when you need it most. To offer a solution for this common discomfort, SleepDog® introduced the SleepDog® Seat Cushion, designed to evenly distribute seating pressure and promote consistent circulation. Recommended for extended sit time at home or on the road, the SleepDog® Seat Cushion is constructed with a double-density foam base and a double-thick layer of UltraSoft Gel to provide ultimate comfort wherever you need it.

Signs that You Need a Seat Cushion

Truck drivers disproportionately experience lumbar and back pain, foot cramps, neck problems, and even headaches and eye strains compared to non-drivers. If you are suffering from acute pressure and/or short-term back and lumbar pain from prolonged sitting, this may indicate the need for the SleepDog® Seat Cushion. Our seat cushion is made with foam and UltraSoft Gel to provide drivers and passengers extended comfort and pressure relief during long hours of sitting. Prevention is the best tool and by adding a seat cushion to your daily drives you can immediately reduce pressure on the buttocks and sacrum, resulting in a posture adjustment and increased levels of comfort. If you are experiencing extreme pain in any area, please consult with your doctor.

The SleepDog® Seat Cushion

By designing and manufacturing all of our foam products in-house, the seat cushion included, we are able to ensure that all of the materials used in our products are built to provide long-lasting comfort. At SleepDog®, we use a firm double density foam base with a double-thick layer of UltraSoft Gel foam, which gives the cushion its pressure-relieving properties. Like all SleepDog® memory-foam products, the seat cushion disperses weight evenly so you can experience comfort all the time, not just while sleeping.

Choosing the Right Seat Cushion

The SleepDog® Seat Cushion can be used by anyone in any environment. However, we especially recommend this product to truck drivers, travelers, RVers, and anyone else who drives for extended lengths of time. The SleepDog® Seat Cushion measures 16.5” long by 13” wide and 3” tall. Your cushion will easily fit any vehicle seat and will not constrict the driver from buckling their seat belt. The cushion materials are polyurethane foam base (memory foam), a layer of UltraSoft Gel, and a soft-knit cover. The cushion evenly distributes pressure to actively improve back pain while you drive, providing benefits such as reduced chronic pain, pressure relief, improved posture, and increased comfort.

Maintaining Your SleepDog® Seat Cushion

To maintain the quality and longevity of your seat cushion, we do recommend cleaning it with frequency. Regularly vacuum crumbs, dirt and dust from the surface of your seat cushion cover. If your cushion is subject to spills or stains, we always suggest spot cleaning or gently washing by hand. Do not submerge your seat cushion in water, run it through the washing machine or dry it in your clothes dryer. You may treat your cushion with a cleansing spray for stains and sanitize it using one of these recommended solutions:

  1. Antibacterial spray
  2. Baking soda and vinegar
  3. Alcohol

Built with comfort, support and durability in mind, the SleepDog® Seat Cushion is a superior seat cushion solution that is U.S.A. made and meets the highest environmental and industrial standards. The double-density foam base and double-thick layer of UltraSoft Gel were built to minimize back and spine discomfort during prolonged periods of driving or sitting. If you’re a truck driver or RVer looking for additional over-the-road comfort, we implore you to consider adding the SleepDog® Seat Cushion to your driving routine. Check out our other products geared to those on the road at sleepdogmattress.com.

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