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What Size Mattress Fits in a Mack Anthem?

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The Mack Anthem is available in three distinctive configurations: the 70-inch stand up sleeper, the 48-inch flat top sleeper, and a day cab. These three configurations can then be customized with tons of different options thanks to the ample sleeper storage area.

About the Mack Anthem:

The Mack Anthem is a perfect option when browsing for a home away from home. Their interiors offer several power outlets, giving you the option of integrating a mini fridge, a TV, or a microwave. These models provide work surfaces and cabinets/shelves to keep your sleeper organized, including a wardrobe cabinet on the driver’s side that features a mirror, a bar for hanging up your clothes, magazine slots, and lower storage. Additionally, Mack Anthem trucks can be customized with a single bunk with lower storage, a single bunk with full storage, or a double bunk with full storage.

Switching to The Right Mattress 

As with all sleeper semi-trucks, the Mack Anthem comes with a factory installed mattress. While you may be happy with the mattress that your sleeper trailer came stocked with, many people eventually switch their mattresses down the road because of wear and tear or because they need a mattress upgrade. The factory semi-truck mattresses provided by the manufacturer can get the job done for a while, but after a couple of long hauls they usually lack the comfort you want while working on the road. SleepDog® offers a variety of quality, aftermarket mattresses that will maximize the quality, comfort, and support of the sleep space in your sleeper cabin. Our mattresses are built with CoolRest® and SureAlign™ memory foam, making your sleeping experience cooler and more restful.  We offer two different mattress models at SleepDog® in a number of common sizes, so you can be sure to find a replacement for your stock mattress that fits.

Finding the proper sized mattress for your truck is important, especially if you have bunks in your cabin or if you have a customized sleeper configuration. Make sure to measure your sleeping arrangements before ordering a new truck mattress. Both SleepDog® mattress models are available in multiple sizes, including 32” x 80” and 36” x 80”, both of which commonly work in a Mack Anthem configuration. Our variety of quality aftermarket mattresses upgrade the comfort and support of the bunk in your sleeper cabin with more supportive memory foam, breathable material, and more substantial comfort layers. No matter what mattress model or size you choose, SleepDog® mattresses are designed to give you the best rest possible while on the road.

SleepDog® Mattresses

Upgrade the way you rest and work on the road by investing in a SleepDog® Mattress! Our DOT approved mattresses are designed to withstand common wear points better than the stock, factory installed mattresses. Save time and money by shopping online! Our Customer Service Specialists are happy to help you decided which of our mattresses and sizes best fits your semi-truck sleeper so that you don’t have to leave the road.

All our products are delivered with an exceptional 10-year warranty and a 120-night risk-free sleep trial. What does this mean for you? If you encounter a problem with your mattress, there are no hidden or surprise fees to return it. Additionally, SleepDog®, like many online retailers, runs promotions and discounts regularly on our online shop, so if you time your purchase right, you can get an excellent deal on your new SleepDog® mattress.

Mack Anthem FAQs

Where is the Mack Anthem built?

The Mack Anthem is built at Mack Lehigh Valley Operations facility in Macungie, PA, along with every other heavy-duty class 8 Mack truck.

What engine is in a Mack Anthem?

The Mack Anthem is available in four different types of engines. You have the choice between MP7, MP8, MP®8HE, or ISX12N engines.

How much does a Mack Anthem semi truck cost?

A new Mack Anthem generally costs between $142,000 and $149,000, depending on dealer location and number of additional features.
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