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What Size Mattress for a Peterbilt 579?

Peterbilt 579 with SleepDog Logo

The Peterbilt 579 bunk fits up to an 82 inch long mattress. The bunk can also accommodate a flat screen TV on a swivel mount, because the sleeper cabin in the 579 was designed to provide ample storage and relaxation space.

Among semi-trucks with sleeper cabins on the road today, the Peterbilt 579 is a popular choice for professional truck drivers. Like many other popular trucks, the Peterbilt 579 can come equipped with a powerful and efficient Paccar MX-13 engine. Other notable features and design benefits include lane keeping assist, an ergonomic dash and controls, and a driver friendly interior designed for maximum comfort on the road. The 579 was designed with comfort in mind and has a variety of configurations and features in the sleeper cabin.

The 579 Sleeper Cabin

Like other highly rated sleeper tractor trailers, the Peterbilt 579 has many of the creature comforts and amenities you might expect to find. For instance, the 579 has a generous cabin size optimized for both productivity and comfort. There 579 is offered in several spacious and ergonomic configurations, such as the 44-inch, 72-inch, or 80-inch detachable sleepers. The bunk in the 579 can hold up to an 82-inch-long mattress and offers a useful swivel mount designed to hold a flat screen TV. The sleeper also comes packed with plenty of overhead storage.

The Right Mattress for the 579

The Peterbilt 579 sleeper semi-truck unit is available in a number of sizes with various storage, shelving, and bunk options depending on your needs. These options allow for optimal customization of your sleep setup for the road. These customization also mean that the best mattress size for your Peterbilt 579 depends on your personal configuration. However, a SleepDog® 42” x 80” or 36” x 80” mattress should be a good fit. SleepDog® has two different mattress models in these sizes, making it easy to find the perfect mattress for you and your Peterbilt. No matter what size or mattress model you choose, SleepDog® mattresses are designed to give you the best rest possible while on the road.

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Consider an Aftermarket Mattress

In terms of rest, relaxation, and comfort, the Peterbilt 579 is a good choice with a roomy cab for sleeping. The 579 also has ample shelving, storage, and other features that make a driver feel more at home. As with all sleeper semi-trucks, the 579 comes with a factory installed mattress. Even if you sleep well on the stock semi-truck mattresses with which sleeper trailers come equipped, you may find yourself considering a replacement for the OEM semi-truck mattress down the road. Be it wear and tear or simply age, you may decide to replace or upgrade the stock mattress to get more comfortable and consistent sleep.

While stock semi-truck mattresses from the manufacturer can sleep comfortably for a while, they are prone to common wear points and might not maintain the comfort you need during long hauls. SleepDog® offers a variety of quality, aftermarket mattresses which will undoubtedly upgrade the comfort and support of the bunk in your sleeper cabin. Every SleepDog® mattress is constructed with more supportive memory foam, more breathable material, and an additional layer of plush comfort to ensure more comfortably and reliable sleep. SleepDog® semi-truck mattresses are available in standard sizes, so you can be sure to find an exact size replacement for the stock Peterbilt semi-truck mattress.

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SleepDog® Mattresses

With a SleepDog® Mattress in your Peterbilt 579, not only can you sleep more comfortably, but you can rest assured that SleepDog® Mattresses are DOT approved. These mattresses withstand common wear points better than your stock, factory installed mattress, helping drivers sleep better and work better. SleepDog® mattresses are delivered with an exceptional 10-year warranty and a 120-night risk-free sleep trial. Best of all, you can buy a SleepDog® mattress online from the comfort of your own home (or sleeper trailer) and have it shipped directly to you. Whether your aftermarket sleeper mattress is for a top or bottom bunk, both the SleepDog® mattress and BigDawg Mattress™ are available in most standard sizes so that finding the correct replacement for your sleeper trailer is hassle-free. If you have questions about which mattress is the best fit for your semi-truck sleeper, a SleepDog® Mattress Customer Service Specialist is happy to help you!

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