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Wyoming Rest Stops

Wyoming Rest Stops

If you’re embarking on a journey through the rugged landscapes of Wyoming, make the most of your adventure with convenient rest stops provided by the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Whether you're driving along the freeway or taking in the breathtaking vistas, these rest areas are here for your convenience, comfort, and safety.

Yellowstone National Park Visitor Centers

There are multiple visitor centers for Yellowstone National Park with a large array of amenities, information, and activities.

  • Albright Visitor Center
  • Canyon Visitor Education Center
  • Fishing Bridge Education Center
  • Grant Visitor Center
  • Madison Information Station
  • Old Faithful Visitor Education Center
  • West Thumb Information Station
  • West Yellowstone Visitor Info Center

These visitor centers offer many services. You may find ADA compliant services, bear spray rentals, fishing licenses issued, maps, refillable water stations, restrooms, exhibits, wheelchair accessibility, first-aid kits, and more. Each center provides a unique experience for all guests. Come experience the wonder of Yellowstone today!

Sundance Rest Area – I-90

The Sundance rest area is located on Interstate 90 bidirectional at mile marker 189 off Industrial Ave. This rest area has 5 spots for commercial truck parking and is perfect for a brief respite from the road. It has restrooms, picnic areas, handicap access, pet exercise areas, and RV dump stations.

I-25 Rest Stops

Wyoming understands the needs of truckers and provides rest stops tailored to ensure their comfort and safety. Interstate 25 has 5 rest stops stocked with all of your on-road needs. You will find restrooms, picnic areas, pet exercise areas, and tourist information booths. All I-25 rest stops have RV dumping stations EXCEPT Kaycee.

Check out:

Pilot Travel Center – Laramie

In Laramie, the Pilot Travel Center is a preferred choice among truckers. Located at 1564 McCue street off exit 310 on the I-80, Pilot Travel Center offers everything a traveler needs. Reserve a prime parking spot for your commercial vehicle for only $17 a night. Here, you’ll find reservable showers, fuel lanes, public laundry, an ATM, and a fast food option.

Plan ahead with Pilot Travel Center. Check out other stations in Wyoming: the Flying J Travel Center in Cheyenne on I-25 and the Pilot Travel Center in Cheyenne on I-25. These centers also come with a driver’s lounge and a game room for some pit-stop entertainment.

Before embarking on your Wyoming adventure, plan your rest stops in advance, ensuring they are open and adhering to any posted rules. Having alternative rest areas in mind is advisable for any unexpected situations.

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Whether you're enjoying the Kettle Moraine scenic drive or looking for respite while working, these rest areas and truck stops offer a welcoming pause during your Wisconsin travels. Plan your stops, rest well, and savor the wonders of the Badger State.

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