Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses
Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses
Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses

2022 Gift Guide for Your RV

2022 Gift Guide for Your RV

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it is time to start doing some holiday shopping. If you are still looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life, we put together this 2022 SleepDog® RV Gift Guide to make your shopping easier. This guide includes some of our most popular SleepDog® products, as well as some other must haves for life on the road. All of these gifts are a great way to maximize comfort in RV living.

1. SleepDog® Mattresses

If you or your loved ones spend a lot of time in an RV, camper, or truck, a SleepDog® mattress is the perfect gift. SleepDog® mattresses are the epitome of comfort and provide a luxurious sleep experience for life on the road. Most standard RV or truck mattresses are designed for convenience, not comfort, so your gift of a SleepDog® mattress is also an investment in the sleep and wellbeing of yourself or your loved one. SleepDog® offers four unique over-the-road mattresses – the SleepDog® Mattress, the BigDawg Mattress™, the Original RV Mattress, and the Azul® RV Mattress All SleepDog® mattresses are available in various sizes suitable for most RV or travel trailers. Some of the sizes available are the standard Queen size, RV Queen and an RV King size.

The SleepDog® Mattress is a 7” multilayer memory foam mattress that is infused with CoolRest® technology to provide maximum comfort & support. This mattress is made up of 2” of CoolRest® foam and 5” of SureAlign® support foam to ensure a well-rested night.

The BigDawg Mattress™ is our best-selling mattress that has a pillow-top construction and 9” of plush, multilayer memory foam. The BigDawg Mattress™ is perfect for sleepers who prefer a plusher mattress. The BigDawg Mattress™ is constructed in a way that it has a soft side and a firm side, so you can flip it based on your preferred level of firmness. The combination of CoolRest® memory foam on the softer side and SureAlign® support foam on the firmer side create the perfect mattress for aligning your spine and relieving pressure points.

The Original RV Mattresses is one of our two newest mattresses. With its 11" of multi-layer foam, including a 3” layer of CoolRest® Gel memory foam and 8” layer of SureAlign® support foam for a medium to firm feel, you’ll be sleeping comfortably all night.

One of our other newest additions to our mattress line-up is the Azul® RV Mattress. The Azul® has three layers of foam and is designed for sleepers who run hot, creating the most comfortable, supportive, and cool night sleep while you are on the road. The top layer is made up of 3” of CoolRest® Gel plus UltraCool® to give you the coolest night sleep possible. The next layer is 2” of Pluralux® foam that gives cushioning support to ensure comfort while you sleep. The last layer is made up of 6” Sure Align® support foam to give you supportive sleep.

2. 3" CoolRest® Reversible Mattress Topper

While a new mattress may be the perfect gift of the traveler on your list, it may not be in your holiday budget. For this reason, SleepDog® also offers mattress toppers that can enhance the comfort of your existing camper or RV mattress. Our 3" CoolRest® Gel memory foam mattress topper is specially designed to soften and improve your sleep. This mattress topper combines has 1.5 inches of SureAlign™ support foam on one side and 1.5 inches of CoolRest® memory foam on the other side to create a reversible mattress topper that can either soften or firm up your mattress, depending on what level of firmness you are looking for. Similar to our mattresses, this mattress topper is available in a variety of sizes, including Twin, Full, Queen, King, RV Sleeper, and more. This mattress topper is blanketed in the eco-friendly TENCEL® cover.

3. Sleep Tite® Pr1me® Terry Protector

In order to protect and maintain the lifespan of your mattress, you will want to be sure to use a mattress protector. The Sleep Tite® Pr1me® Terry Protector has a hypoallergenic and absorbent cotton terry surface that allows you to sleep comfortably without changing the feel of the mattress. This mattress protector features a laboratory-certified H2Pro® liquid-proof membrane which makes it liquid-proof yet breathable. The universal fit elastic of the Pr1me® Terry Protector ensures a secure fit for mattresses with depths of 6"-22".

Glaciertex Cooling Pillow

Our innovative Glaciertex Cooling pillow is designed to keep you cool throughout the night. The thermoregulation (“double-ice”) technology woven into the fabric keeps the Glaciertex pillow cool to the touch. The Glaciertex is made with LOFT-X™ foam that helps you maintain proper alignment of your head and neck. The Glaciertex Cooling Pillow is available in two sizes: queen/standard or king/California. Pair this pillow with any of our SleepDog® mattresses or mattress toppers for a great night’s sleep!

Additional RV Must Haves

A Good Book

The Road Trip Book by Darryl Sleath is a guide to some of the most breathtaking, extraordinary road trips in the world. This book contains 1,001 trips, with specific details about where to start, where to finish, must-see sights, and more. If you love road trips, this book is a guide to some of the most scenic (and sometimes dangerous) drives in the USA and around the world. This book has enough bucket list items to last a lifetime.

Origami Foldable Kitchen Island Cart

When you are living out of an RV, you do not have a lot of space, especially kitchen space. The Origami Foldable Kitchen Island Cart is a foldable cart that gives you extra counter or table space whenever you need it. This cart has a wooden block top with two shelves underneath and wheels so it can be moved wherever you need. When you don’t need it, it folds flat so you can tuck it away and store it anywhere.

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker

A warm cup of coffee is a must have for every morning, especially one on the road. When living out of an RV it is important to balance luxury and space. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker is listed as one of the best coffee makers for RV’s in 2022. This compact coffee maker is durable, has a modern design, and can make up to four cups of coffee at a time. This is perfect for enjoying your favorite cup of joe on the go.

Give your friends and family the gift of comfort this holiday season. For someone who is always on the road, anything that makes their life easier and more enjoyable will be appreciated. Any of the products that we listed in this gift guide would be perfect for someone who spends any amount of time in an RV. Happy shopping!

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