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Ways to Improve Comfort in a Camper

Ways To Improve Comfort In A Camper

Whether you are new to camping or used to an on-the-go lifestyle, living out of a camper can be challenging. Living in a smaller, tighter space can be uncomfortable at first, especially if you are sharing that space with other people. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to improve comfort in your camper. A few simple fixes like buying a new camper mattress or taking the time to better organize your space can make a huge difference in such a small space. Keep reading for some of our favorite recommendations on how to make life in your camper more comfortable:

Buy A Better Camper Mattress & Bedding

You spend one third of your life in your bed, and that does not change when you live in a camper or RV. While you might be on-the-go a little more while traveling, it is still important to get a good night’s sleep every night. One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the sleep that you need and that you stay comfortable in your space is by upgrading your mattress and bedding. Some campers and travel trailers come stocked with a camper mattress upon purchase, but those stock mattresses are not typically designed with comfort and support in mind. Upgrading an RV mattress comes with another challenge: mattress size. Your best bet? Look to mattress companies who design and build mattresses for life on the road. The SleepDog® BigDawg mattress™ is praised as one of the best double-sided memory foam camper mattress options on the market. This mattress can be flipped for firmer or softer support and is great for sleeping temperature-neutral with pressure relief for all sleep positions. SleepDog® mattresses are made in many different sizes to accommodate the unique bed sizes found in campers and RVs.

For upgraded bedding, seek out softer and lighter materials like cotton or linen. Make sure that you have enough pillows, too, and that they are both comfortable and supportive. Supportive pillows and breathable linens will enhance your camper mattress and make your sleep more comfortable. Another way to ensure your camper is extra cozy is to keep extra blankets on hand for those chilly nights. Layering up on bedding is key to keeping camper life (and your sleep) more comfortable. Spraying your bedding with a soothing scent can also enhance your camper sleep space.

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Give Yourself Enough Space

A great way to maximize comfort in your camper is by making it easy for yourself to walk around. Nothing makes a small space feel smaller than clutter. Tripping over cables or moving furniture every time you walk through your space does not promote comfort in your camper. Creating separate areas for sleeping, cooking, eating, and washing up will not only make navigating your camper easier, but will also help keep things organized and out of the way. Keep yourself comfortable and happy by keeping walking spaces clear.

Choose A Good Campsite

The easiest way to make a camping trip go from fun to frustrating (or the other way around) is choosing your campsite. Choosing the wrong campsite or rest stop can make your camper experience harder than it needs to be. Parking your camper on an uneven surface can make for leveling your camper a challenge. Choosing a spot too far away from amenities your camper does not offer can make for a less comfortable living experience, too. Don’t make simple tasks tougher by camping at a less than desirable location.

Update Your Current Furniture

Just like you will likely want to upgrade the RV mattress that came with your camper, you may also want to replace or improve your tiny home furnishings. While this may seem expensive or unnecessary, keep in mind that in order to be comfortable in your camper it should feel like a second home. Replacing furniture that is more comfortable or is more reflective of your taste can make you feel more at home and more comfortable in your camper.

Get The Right Camping Equiptment

Purchasing comfort items like a small grill for cooking, mosquito nets, heaters, or side tents for shade outside of your camper can enhance your entire camper experience. While you want to minimize clutter, you also want to set yourself up for comfort wherever your travels take you. Don’t forget about must-have safety items such as flashlights, batteries and fire extinguishers. You are on-the-road so you want to be well prepared for any situation.

Keep Your Place Organized

Just like it is important to keep your home organized, it is just as important (maybe even more important) to keep your camper and sleep space organized. Part of setting up your camper or motorhome includes creating storage spaces for all of your necessary comfort items and supplies. Since you are living out of a smaller space, it is easy for things to get messy quickly. Set up organization systems from day one to keep everything where it needs to be and keep your living space clutter-free.

Living out of a camper, a travel trailer or any tiny home away from home can easily become stressful or uncomfortable, especially if you are used to living in a lot of space. By keeping your space organized, upgrading your camper mattress with SleepDog®, and keeping the right equipment on hand, you can have your camper feeling just like home.

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