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Best Rest Stops in Arizona

Best Rest Stops in Arizona

For long distance truck drivers who often spend more time driving than they do at rest, it is essential to prioritize high quality sleep when they do make stops. Finding safe, convenient rest stops to eat, stretch, rest and recharge is not always easy, so we suggest mapping out routes before hauls so you know exactly where you want to pull off. If you find yourself traveling through Arizona, you will be happy to know that the most popular rest stops are all well-maintained and designed to provide travelers with a range of convenient amenities any time they pass through. We put together this guide to highlight some of the best rest stops throughout the Copper State.

Meteor Crest Rest Area

The Meteor Crest rest area serves traffic in both directions on Interstate 40 and is located east of Flagstaff, Arizona. This rest stop underwent a major renovation in 2020 by the Arizona Department of Transportation. Throughout the duration of this renovation, the Meteor Crest rest area received a number of upgrades to better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, in addition to improvements to the water and wastewater systems. The upgrades don’t end there! Enhancements, also, include resurfacing of the parking lot and architectural and electrical improvements. Travelers will appreciate the Meteor Crest rest area for its clean facilities, picnic shelters, truck parking and more.

Burnt Well Rest Area

The Burnt Well Rest Area is located near mile marker 87 on Interstate 10 and is accessible by eastbound access. This rest area is equipped with the basic conveniences such as restrooms, vending machines, and phone services. There are also shaded picnic tables available to use for meal breaks and a pet area with beautiful views of the mountains, perfect for you and a four-legged companion to run around for a stretch.

Salt River Canyon Rest Area

The Salt River Canyon rest area is actually a non-interstate rest area and is located between mileposts 292 and 293 on US 60. More specifically, this rest stop is located on the San Carlos Apache and White Mountain Apache Reservation. The Salt River Canyon rest area is another rest stop that has recently undergone major renovations. These renovations include bathroom building upgrades, a new compost toilet system, water well improvements, and the addition of solar panels to help power the facility. Since its upgrade, the Salt River Canyon rest area has been well-maintained and cared for by the Infrastructure Corporation of America. What is most memorable about this particular rest stop is its view of the Salt River. We suggest walking across the New Salt River Canyon Bridge to stretch your legs and take in the spectacular sight of the Salt River converging with the Gila River in the canyon.

Sunset Point Rest Area

The Sunset Point Rest Area is located near mile marker 252 on Interstate 17 and can be accessed from either side of the interstate. Forty miles north of Phoenix, this is Arizona’s most popular rest stop. What makes this rest stop so popular? The views. This rest stop sits along the edge of a valley, giving travelers a clear view of the Bradshaw Mountains. In addition to the sights, the Sunset Point rest area provides restroom facilities, drinking fountains, vending machines, pet exercise areas and picnic tables. Most importantly, it is a truck-friendly rest stop with designated truck parking.

Ehrenberg Rest Area

Another popular rest stop is the Ehrenberg rest area, located near mile marker 4 on Interstate 10, which can be accessed from traffic traveling both directions. This rest stop is actually on the border of California, sitting only four miles east of Blythe. In addition to normal rest stop amenities, this rest area is equipped with local and statewide information panels, making it a great welcome center for travelers. Standard conveniences include restrooms, vending machines and drinking fountains, in addition to shaded picnic areas and plenty of space for you and your pets to move around and stretch. This is another truck-friendly facility that provides more than enough parking for trucks of all sizes. The Ehrenberg rest area takes sanitation very seriously, with caretakers on site 16 hours each day to clean the restrooms and keep supplies stocked.

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