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Can You Fit a Full Mattress in a Sleeper Trailer?

SleepDog Truck Mattresses - Full Size Mattress

When it comes to equipping a tractor trailer sleeper with a mattress that properly fits, one question that might come to mind is whether or not sleeper trailers can accommodate full-size truck mattresses. Most semi-truck mattresses measure around 80 inches in length and 40 inches in width – not quite as wide as a full size. While a full-size mattress might fit like a glove in some sleeper trailer trucks, others might be missing a few crucial inches that allow a full-size mattress to fit comfortably. Additionally, full-size mattresses may not comply with DOT guidelines for your truck model. So, before buying a new full-size mattress for your sleeper trailer, measure your available space to make sure it will actually fit.

Differences in Models

Every sleeper trailer truck make and model is likely to have different bunk dimensions inside the sleeper cabin. On top of that, different truck and sleeper cabin options may also affect the size of the bunk, which means that some sleeper trailers may have different mattress size requirements, even if they are the same make and model.  You may be tempted to purchase a high quality aftermarket full size mattress for your truck, but it is best to hold off until you know that your tractor trailer can fit a full-size mattress. Fortunately, while your truck may not fit a full-size mattress, it should fit most standard mattress sizes available for semi-truck sleepers. If you cannot fit a full, you will most likely be looking into one of the following sizes:  42 inches by 80 inches, 39 inches by 80 inches, 36 inches by 80 inches or 32 inches by 80 inches.

Make Sure to Measure

Before purchasing a full-size mattress, it is important to make sure you get the correct measurements for your exact semi-truck make and model. The easiest way to go about doing this is by simply hand measuring the mattress that your truck is currently equipped with. If, however, you are unable to take these measurements, either because the truck is not owned by you or it is currently unavailable, you can often find charts that include common measurements for a variety of semi-truck models. Due to the fact that measurements can vary by a few inches between any two makes and models of sleeper trailers, it is important to get the correct mattress measurements before committing to a full-size mattress purchase. Again, since only a few inches could mean the difference between a perfect fit and a disappointing return shipment, you will need to make sure you accurately measure the width and length. For some fittings, you may even have to measure the depth of the mattress.

Other Options and Custom Sleeper Trailer Beds

After taking time to accurately measure and correctly identify your model of semi-truck and find that your space still appears unable to accommodate a full-size semi-truck mattress, there is another option if you are set on getting that full-size mattress upgrade. While it definitely comes at an extra cost, some trucking professionals and enthusiasts take it upon themselves to modify their existing space.  Sleeper cabins with specifications that would otherwise not allow for a full-size semi-truck mattress can be modified to fit a full-size mattress. Some truckers have even been known to install other amenities such as a sink, stove top, or even a large refrigerator unit. Upgrading your sleeper cabin for additional comfort may be worth it and can be accomplished with some elbow grease and a DIY mindset.

If upgrading your truck’s sleeper is not a viable option, you can simply purchase a standard mattress size to fit your bunk space. Outlets like SleepDog® mattress offer nearly all standard sizes of mattresses for tractor trailer sleeper bunks. Another option to consider is purchasing a memory foam mattress topper to provide extra comfort without having to worry about fit specifications for the larger mattresses.

As the somewhat cliché and age-old adage goes: “Measure twice, cut once”. When buying a full-size mattress for a tractor trailer sleeper, the saying holds true. Even if you do not have the exact space requirements for a full-size, you may still be able to get that mattress you want for your trailer. SleepDog® offers two great lines of mattresses in four of the most popular standard sizes for sleeper trailer bunks. You can also choose from two different SleepDog® mattress topper options, whether you want to buy one with a new mattress or if you simply want to add a topper to the mattress you already own.

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