The Best Mattress for Your Over the Road Sleeper

Long, overnight drives can really make a truck driver appreciate (or downright hate) their over the road sleeper. Feeling comfortable and getting a good night’s sleep is just as important on the road as it is at home. With so many sleeper semi-truck brands and models to choose from, it is important to consider the overall comfort and livability they provide before choosing one. While there are many other features to consider, such as cabin space, mattress length, storage, and relaxation amenities, the best sleeper semi-truck tractor units stand out with an impressive score for driver comfort, ergonomics, and productivity features. is an excellent resource for those seeking a career as a truck driver or entryway into the trucking industry.  They provide their top recommendations for sleeper semi-truck units based on the features, amenities, and driver popularity of each model. Their recommendation list includes the Volvo VNL 860, the Kenworth T680, the Peterbilt 579, and the Freightliner Cascadia.

Volvo VNL 860

Volvo VLN 860 Sleeper Truck

The VNL 860 sleeper cabin comes with a roomy 77-inches of sleeper space, making drivers feel relaxed and closer to home. The Volvo VNL 860 comes packed with innovative details such as soft LED lighting, electric outlets for the bunks, easily reachable controls, smart storage areas, a large refrigerator, removable floor mats, and more. Overall, the VNL 860 creates a comfortable and calm work and sleep environment for drivers. The VNL 860 also offers one of the first integrated reclining bunks in a sleeper. The bunk is fully adjustable, so it is like having your favorite recliner in your cab with you. The reclining bunk can also efficiently be stowed away to make room for an optional table and workstation configuration.

Kenworth T680

Kenworth t680 Sleeper Truck

With a large following of truckers, the Kenworth T680 is one of the most popular over the road sleeper models. The T680 is touted as one of the most fuel-efficient trucks that also comes equipped with high levels of luxury and comfort. The sleeper options for this model range from a 40-inch bunk to a 76-inch high roof condo sleeper. While the 76-inch configuration is the most spacious, each configuration comes with a comfortable amount of space. All T680 models are built with a relaxation area, as well as overhead storage and headroom. The Kenworth T680 has an optional ’Driver’s Studio’ package, which offers a set of premium options, including a swivel seat, swivel table, LED lighting, swivel TV mount, and exceptional audio. The features of the Kenworth T680 foster a luxurious and comfortable home-away-from-home experience for the driver, even when on the road for extended lengths of time.

Peterbilt 579

Peterbilt 579 Sleeper Truck

The Peterbilt 579 has all of the features you might expect in a well-rated sleeper and is designed as a generously sized cabin for maximum productivity and comfort. The 579 comes in various spacious and ergonomic configurations, such as 44-inch, 72-inch, or 80-inch detachable sleepers. The bunk in the 579 can hold up to an 82-inch mattress and offers a useful swiveling mount designed to hold a flat screen TV. The sleeper also comes packed with plenty of overhead storage. The Peterbilt sleeper semi-truck unit is available in a number of sizes with various storage, shelving, and bunk options.

Freightliner Cascadia®

Freightliner Cascadia Sleeper Truck

One of the most popular sleeper semi-truck tractor units in recent years, the Freightliner Cascadia®, offers sleeper cabins that extend up to six feet beyond the day cab. The Cascadia® comes with a choice of high-top interiors, offering enough space for overhead storage or even a second bunk. The interior of the Cascadia® was designed with driver relaxation and downtime in mind. On the Freightliner Cascadia® website, you can even build a custom selection of features to outfit your unit.

Of course, while all of the bunks in these popular over the road sleepers come with factory mattresses, you might want to consider replacing or upgrading them for higher quality comfort. One truck mattress brand to consider is SleepDog® mattress. SleepDog® mattress offers quality, aftermarket mattresses that maximize the comfort and support of your sleeper bunk with more supportive memory foam, cooler, more breathable cover material, and thicker, more substantial mattress padding. The two replacement options SleepDog® offers include the Bigdawg Mattress ™ and the Sleepdog, A Trucker’s Best Friend ™. Both mattresses are built to give truckers and travelers the best rest possible while on the road.  Not only can you sleep more comfortably with a SleepDog® mattress, but you can also sleep with ease knowing that your mattress is DOT approved. The mission over at SleepDog® is to get you sleeping better and driving safer.