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Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses
Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses

Can You Use an RV Mattress in a Tractor Trailer?

RV Driving Down Road

If you’re a prospective buyer or owner of an RV or a tractor trailer, you might be confused about what size mattress your make and model can accommodate, or if it's possible to fit mattresses made specifically for RVs in a semi-truck. Or maybe you want to upgrade a truck or RV mattress that you already have and are concerned about how to make sure you purchase the right size mattress for your big rig. Many semi-truck mattress retailers offer mattress replacements and upgrades for both tractor trailer sleepers and RVs. Fortunately, the mattresses used in either application are similar in size and construction, if not the same.

Difference Between RV and Tractor Trailer Mattresses?

Similar to semi-truck mattresses, RV mattresses also come in standard sizes, but there are many other custom sizes made specifically for RVs, too. These can include RV bunk size mattresses, which measure between 75” x 28” and 79” x 35” and three-quarter size mattresses, measuring 75” x 48”. Other sizes made specifically for RVs are Full or Double, RV Queen, Queen, and RV King, each with different dimensions that can be found listed in size specification charts online.

Ultimately, the only thing you really need to consider when it comes to fitting different mattresses in either an RV or a tractor trailer, is what size will actually fit in the RV or semi-truck that you own. Many RV mattresses could be used as a semi-truck mattress, so long as they meet your truck’s size specification. Every semi-truck or RV model is bound to have varying size and space requirements for mattresses depending on the dimensions and setup of the bunk area, so you will need to gather measurements before committing to a mattress purchase.

If you are purchasing your new mattress online, you should easily find standard sizes for both RV and tractor trailer applications. Retailers such as SleepDog®, for instance, carry many of the standard sizes and offer mattresses that fit in both tractor trailer sleepers and RVs. SleepDog® also makes it easy to order online, with hassle free shipping and returns. Within 2-5 business days, you can have a mattress delivered directly to you, and if you have any issues, you can contact a sleep specialist to address any questions or concerns.

Getting the Right Measurements

Common semi-truck mattress sizes are easily found online, and each truck model will likely have a standard mattress size listed somewhere else - such as in an owner's manual or on our blog in articles dedicated to specific truck models like the Freightliner Cascadia. If you cannot easily find the size information you need, you can always measure the current mattress or the space that one would fit into.

Before purchasing a mattress for your tractor trailer, it is important to make sure you get the correct measurements for your exact semi-truck make and model. The easiest way to go about doing this is by simply hand measuring the mattress that came with the truck or the mattress that it is currently equipped with. If for whatever reason you are unable to make a measurement, either because the truck is not owned by you or it is currently unavailable, you can often find charts with common measurements for a variety of specific semi-truck models. Since measurements can vary by a few inches between any two makes and models of sleeper trailers, it is important to get the correct measurements before committing to a new mattress purchase. Again, since only a few inches could mean the difference between a perfect fit and a disappointing return shipment, you will need to make sure you accurately measure the width and length. For some fit specifications, you may also have to measure the depth of the mattress.

If you need a new mattress for your tractor trailer or RV, then you should buy one online from SleepDog™. Our mattresses come in a variety of sizes that can fit standard bunk sizes for both tractor trailer sleepers and RVs. It is easy to order online from SleepDog™, with a risk-free sleep trial, free shipping and easy returns.

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