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Limited Time: Save 25% on mattresses
Limited Time: Save 25% on mattresses

How to Buy an American Made Truck Mattress

How To Buy An American Made Mattress

A supportive truck mattress is a necessity for long-haul drivers and can dramatically enhance the overall over-the-road travel experience. A high-quality semi truck mattress, like a SleepDog® mattress, will maximize your general comfort, becoming the optimal place to catch up on some much-needed rest. As most truck drivers can attest, a high-quality mattress is often made right here in the USA. Most drivers will tell you that there is a stark difference between a truck mattress made stateside versus other parts of the world. In this guide, we will unbox what sets our American made SleepDog® truck mattress apart from the rest and how it will benefit you.

1. American Truck Mattresses Spend Less Time Boxed Up

When you purchase a mattress manufactured in the USA, you will receive it more quickly than a sleep product that is manufactured outside of the country. While quick delivery is incredibly convenient for truck drivers, faster delivery also means that a mattress will spend less time sitting boxed up in a warehouse. Most online mattress companies will compress and box their mattresses into a box to simplify the delivery process. However, when a mattress is made overseas and then sold by a mattress retailer, the bed is generally manufactured, boxed, then shipped to a warehouse in the United States, where it typically sits for an indefinite period of time until an order is placed for that mattress. In contrast, SleepDog® mattresses are made from start to finish under one roof the U.S. and spend very little time compressed. In fact, most SleepDog® and BigDawg™ mattresses are roll-packed and boxed for only a couple of days before arriving at your doorstep. What this means is that your bed is made specially for you when you order and will ship from our facilities almost as quickly as it was boxed up. Because of this, your bed will be ready to sleep on as soon as you unbox it.

2. Buying a Mattress Made in the US is More Sustainable

This is especially relevant to customers and truck drivers who are environmentally conscious. When you buy an American made mattress, there is less of an impact on the environment. By purchasing a mattress made in the USA, you can help reduce the amount of carbon emissions during the shipping process. Products made and shipped domestically won’t spend as much time in transit, which can help reduce the carbon output. SleepDog® mattresses are made – memory foam and all – entirely in America and are packaged and shipped out to the customer from the same facility in which they are made. Making the memory foam, the mattress and shipping it out all under the same roof allows SleepDog® to maintain strict quality control over every part of the manufacturing and packaging processes. By shipping directly from our manufacturing facility, we are actively cutting down on unnecessary emissions from shipping our products to third parties.

3. American Made Mattresses & Quality Control

As mentioned earlier, American made truck mattresses are known for their high quality and longer lifespan. This is a result of manufacturers’ strict adherence to various safety, environmental, and quality standards. In order to manufacture products in the USA, companies must follow the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and obey other labor laws that ensure a safe and fair workplace. They must, also, adhere to safety standards provided by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, which include regulations on material used during manufacturing and the flammability of the product.

Mattresses made outside of the USA are not usually manufactured under such strict guidelines. SleepDog® adheres to all of the protocols and standards set forth by OSHA and we work hard to make sure our product is CertiPUR-US® certified. This third-party CertiPUR-US® certification ensures that the memory foams used to construct all SleepDog® meet the standards for content, emissions and durability and are made free of ozone depleting chemicals. Moreover, having a factory produce your product in a different country may add some extra complications. When a mattress brand has their own factory that they run and operate, it gives them tremendous control over the quality of their products. This allows brands like SleepDog® to ensure that the proper materials are being used and that all protocols are being met. It, also, allows for any necessary upgrades or design changes to be made quickly and efficiently throughout the manufacturing process.

4. USA Made Mattresses are Safer

You may be surprised to learn that the materials used to make a mattress can absolutely have an effect on your health. Therefore, mattresses should be made of high-quality, clean materials. However, there are manufacturers that use potentially harmful materials that are not meant to be used in the home. That’s why it is especially important to make sure that the truck mattress you purchase for your sleeper cabin is safe and CertiPUR-US® certified. This certification that all SleepDog® mattresses maintain, ensures that your mattress was tested by an accredited lab, is safe and will not cause harm to your health.

5. Buying Domestically Creates American Jobs

Buying American made products can undoubtedly stimulate and support the overall US economy. Every mattress purchased in the US supports American jobs. From the person stitching the mattress cover to the customer service specialists answering your calls, to the social media managers and mattress designers, purchasing an American made mattress is lending support to a business that supplies jobs to a community of people who want to deliver your best sleep.

A SleepDog® Mattress is an American Investment

Here at SleepDog®, we pride ourselves on our US made truck and RV mattresses. Not only are our mattresses constructed here, but our high-quality memory foam is also manufactured under the same roof to guarantee that our mattresses are constructed with your safety and comfort in mind. So, when you are looking to buy an American made truck mattress, SleepDog® is a great place to start.

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