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RV Queen Mattress vs. Standard Queen Mattress

RV Queen Vs Standard Queen

An estimated 9 million households own an RV for recreational purposes such as camping, road trips, or tailgating. Most of these recreational vehicles feature amenities found in a home or hotel, like a kitchenette and table for meals, a full bathroom, and even a bedroom. Most RVs come outfitted with a stock mattress, but like a standard mattress, they will generally need to be replaced over time. When the time comes to start looking for the right replacement mattress for your RV, it is important to understand that RV mattress constructions and sizes usually differ from standard bedroom mattresses. To make RV mattress shopping a little easier, we wanted to explore those differences using the RV queen size mattress and the standard queen size mattress as examples.

History of the Queen

The most common mattress size on the market is currently the queen mattress. However, this mattress size was not always so popular. For the first half of the 20th century, twin size mattresses were the standard mattress size in most American households. Well into the 1940s, Americans were primarily sleeping in twin beds, and it wasn't until later in the decade that manufacturers started introducing larger mattress sizes, including the queen. The queen did not take off in popularity until the 1950s, when American households began seeing the need for larger beds. In 1900, only 4% of adult men were 6ft in height or taller, but this number jumped to 20% by 1959. The queen mattress was also relatively affordable in price, ranging from $69 to $79, with every extra inch only costing an additional dollar. The name of the mattress size itself also led to the increased popularity of the queen size mattress. The mattress market catered to the American family’s desire for a better, more upscale lifestyle and the royal-sounding queen mattress name became a symbol of status. This combination of factors made the queen mattress soar in popularity, remaining at the height of the industry ever since.

The Standard Queen Mattress

The traditional queen size mattress is one of the larger beds on the market, measuring 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. The queen size mattress measures a total of 22 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a traditional twin size. While twin and full size mattresses are substantial for small sleeping spaces, including RVs or travel trailers, a queen size mattress provides ample sleep space for couples with enough room for each partner to spread out. The extra space on a queen size may also allow parents to comfortably share the bed with their children. While some larger RVs and campers may come stocked with an RV queen size mattress, it is important to note that this does not equate to a standard queen size mattress. Most RV queen mattresses are constructed differently to accommodate the smaller sleeping spaces available in RVs and campers.

RV Queen Mattress

When looking at RV mattresses and comparing them to their standard size counterparts, the RV size generally measures smaller in length, width and often thickness. RV mattresses are typically smaller than their regular mattress size counterparts, because RV manufacturers employ space saving configurations, which limits how big your RV mattress can be. Prospective purchasers should be aware of this when shopping for an RV mattress upgrade, which is why mattress retailers who specialize in on-the-road comfort like SleepDog®, have developed several standard RV queen mattress sizes. At SleepDog®, we offer an RV queen mattress that measures 60 inches wide by 75 inches in length, coming in at only 5 inches shorter than a standard queen size mattress. Our RV queen mattress is available in both of our mattress models, the SleepDog® and the BigDawg mattress™, meaning we have options for every type of sleeper. Both of our RV queen size mattress models measure slightly smaller in thickness than most residential mattress options, either 7 inches or 9 inches in height constructed specifically for the smaller spaces you find in campers and RVs. However, every travel trailer is different, so we highly suggest measuring your current mattress setup before you purchase a new mattress to ensure compatibility with your sleep space. At SleepDog®, we also offer both of our mattress models in a standard queen size, 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, should your sleep setup accommodate the standard queen mattress dimensions.

While there are differences between RV queen mattresses and standard queen mattresses, these differences don’t make one mattress size better than the other. Each mattress is designed to enhance your sleep experience whether it is in your bedroom at home or in your RV sleep space in your home away from home. If you still have questions about which mattress is right for your RV, please contact our customer service team, who is always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an RV queen mattress differ from a standard queen mattress?

An RV queen mattress is slightly smallerthan a standard queen size mattress, which generally fits more comfortably in the compact space offered by RVs. While a standard queen mattress measures 60” x 80”, an RV queen size mattress is several inches shorter measuring 60” x 75”.

Can a standard queen size mattress fit in an RV?

Some RV models do accommodate standard queen size mattresses. However, it is always important to check the floorplan of your RV and to take measurements of the current mattress in that space to confirm that your desired mattress size will fit.

Can I use standard queen bed sheets for my RV queen mattress?

Yes, you can use standard queen bed sheets for your RV queen mattress. Because the RV queen mattress is only 5 inches shorter than the standard queen, regular bed sheets will fit, though you may need to tuck more material due to the shorter length.

What factors should I consider when choosing between an RV queen and a standard queen mattress for my RV?

If you’re stuck between choosing an RV queen size and standard queen size mattress for your RV, consider the amount of space you have and your personal sleep preferences. Some RVs may not accommodate a standard queen bed, while others have more flexible floorplans that can fit either an RV queen or standard queen mattress. Always remember to measure your space to ensure that your new mattress will fit. A standard queen bed may be more preferable to taller individuals or if you simply like a bit more space to stretch out.

What options does SleepDog® offer in the RV queen mattress size?

SleepDog® offers the Original RV mattress, Azul® RV mattress, SleepDog® mattress, and BigDawg mattress™ in the RV Queen mattress size. Additionally, all SleepDog® truck and RV mattresses are DOT approved and safe to use on the road.

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