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The Best RV Mattress for Your Over the Road Camper

Best RV Mattress

Good quality sleep is just as important on-the-go as it is at home. With extensive RV models and sizes on the market, choosing one can be stressful. When choosing an RV or RV mattress that will best meet your needs, it is important to take size and comfort into consideration. Given that a lot of your time will be spent relaxing or sleeping in your RV, it is important to make sure you are selecting a model that will make you feel at home and will fit a comfortable mattress. This guide outlines a list of some popular RV models and the best SleepDog® mattress construction and size to maximize over the road comfort in each.

Airstream Flying Cloud

Airstream travel trailers have become the standard for traveling in comfort and style. When looking for a mattress upgrade, it is important to measure the bed in your Airstream RV, travel trailer, or van. The mattress size that you select will also depend on the model and year of the Airstream itself. In 2021, Airstream gave its Flying Cloud travel trailer a stylish new interior design. The Flying Cloud features updated bedding, new color schemes, modern kitchen fixtures, new cabinets, new upholstery options, and more. This model is available in fourteen different layouts and floor plans, all of which include a RV queen size (60” x 75”) bed. SleepDog® specializes in all types of over-the-road mattresses, including RV mattresses. Our team has spent years developing a number of high-quality mattress options for travel trailers. At SleepDog®, we offer two different mattress models in a variety of common sizes, both of which are available in the RV Queen mattress size. Our BigDawg Mattress™ is a 9” plush multilayer memory foam mattress that is infused with CoolRest® memory technology and topped with a padded mattress cover for extra comfort. The SleepDog® Mattress, our original mattress construction, is a 7” multilayer medium-firm memory foam construction. This mattress is also infused with CoolRest® technology and is designed to support any sleep position. Because of the extensive layouts and floor plans available with an Airstream travel trailer, we always recommend that you measure your current mattress setup before purchasing a new mattress.

Coachmen Freelander

A Coachmen Freelander RV can make traveling fun! If you are getting less than average sleep in your Coachmen RV, it may be time for a mattress upgrade. We recommend the SleepDog® standard queen mattress, which measures 60”x80”, for the Coachmen Freelander RV. Though, the beds and floorplans in Coachmen RVs are available in a number of shapes, sizes and configurations. Therefore, it is important to check what size mattress will fit best in your Coachmen sleep space.

THOR 2023 Windsport®

THOR has allowed travelers to embark on new journeys, try new things, and create new memories with their RV’s for over 40 years. The Windsport® is a Class A gas motorhome available in many versatile layouts with optional features that will make any road trip even more comfortable. The different Windsport® floor plans support a 72"x 76" King Bed, and some models even include a 54"x 74" drop-down overhead bunk sleeping area. We recommend upgrading with one of our RV King size mattresses for all Windsport® models. All of our SleepDog® mattresses (the SleepDog® Mattress, the BigDawg Mattress™, the Original RV Mattress, and the Azul® RV Mattress) are available in the RV King size.

Newmar Bay Star Sport

The Newmar Bay Star Sport is a great choice for your next adventure. The Bay Star Sport is powered by a 7.3-liter V8 engine with 350 horsepower. This RV has several floor plans and a host of different features and options to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want and need when traveling. The Bay Star Sport comes equipped with heavy duty sway bars that keep the drive stable. The engine also features a Ford TorqShift® automatic overdrive transmission, which makes towing easier. The SleepDog® RV Queen mattress, measuring at 60” by 75”, is a great mattress option for most Newmar Bay Star Sport configurations.

Tiffin Open Road Allegro

The Tiffin Open Road Allegro has been a customer favorite for almost 50 years due to its quality build, luxurious design, innovation, and powerful engine. The Open Road Allegro is equipped with a Ford 7.3L V8 engine. The Open Road Allegro meets all of your travel needs, while also staying within your budget. In addition to the numerous amenities and luxurious features, this RV is equipped with both energy and water saving innovations that ensure that your time spent on the road is just as comfortable as your time spent at home. One way to enhance your experience with this RV is to ensure that you are equipping it with a good quality mattress. The SleepDog® Queen mattress, measuring at 60” by 80”, is generally a great option for many Tiffin Open Road Allegro configurations.

Keystone Cougar

Keystone is committed to creating affordable RV models that are stylish, innovative, and high-quality. The Keystone Cougar has a wide selection of travel trailers and fifth wheel RVs that are compatible with both half-ton and fill sized trucks. The Cougar has an RV model fit for all travel styles and life stages in order to provide you with the best RV experience year after year. The SleepDog® or BigDawg standard queen mattress, measuring at 60” by 80” are also generally a great mattress size option for the Keystone Cougar.

Cruiser RV Radiance Travel Trailers

The Cruiser RV Radiance Travel Trailer blends luxury and affordability. Cruiser RV understands that sometimes “roughing it” requires a king sized bed with a plush mattress and a decked out interior. They also understand that you have a budget. The Radiance provides comfort that you can afford. The Cruiser RV Radiance is available in 13 different floor plans, making it a great option for all. SleepDog® also understands the importance of luxury and comfort on the road. The SleepDog® RV king mattress, measuring 72” by 75”, is a great mattress option to upgrade the comfort of your Cruiser RV Radiance Travel Trailer.

Palomino Puma 31FKRK

The Palomino Puma is an outstanding option for your next family adventure. The Puma has a great construction and is easy to tow, making your trip fun and easy. Puma offers the largest selection of bunk models in the industry. Additionally, their extensive floor plans allow you to tailor your Puma exactly to your lifestyle and enjoy your on-the-go experience even more. With the Palomino Puma, you can enjoy peace, quiet, and comfort in the great outdoors. The SleepDog® RV king mattress, measuring at 72” by 75”, is a great mattress option for many of the Palomino Puma bunk models.

Part of having a great RV experience is having restful sleep on the road. Being away from your home does not mean that you need to sacrifice your comfort or your sleep. A good night’s rest is especially important for long trips. Whatever your RV needs may be, SleepDog® mattresses let you unbox your best sleep whenever and wherever you need it.