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Washington Rest Stops

Washington Rest Stops

The Washington Department of Transportation maintains a network of rest areas and welcome centers across the state, ensuring that travelers have convenient places to stop during their time on the road. Whether you are cruising along the interstates or exploring scenic routes, these rest stops offer essential amenities for your convenience.

North Cascades Visitor Center

North Cascades Visitor Center is located at mile marker 120 on North Cascades Highway (State Route 20) across the Skagit river in the town of Newhalem. Nestled among the North Cascades National Park, the visitor center offers clean and accessible restrooms, visitor information services, a relief map of the park and surrounding area, and exhibits on the natural and cultural history of the park. Prior arrangements can be made for school trips or other groups.

Important Information: The North Cascades Visitor Center closes for the winter season and reopens in May.

Sprague Lake Rest Area I-90 Eastbound

The Sprague Lake rest stop has eastbound access at mile marker 241. It features handicap-accessible restrooms and changing facilities, water, picnic tables, free coffee and vending machines, and an RV-dump area. The RV-dump station is closed during the winter.

Gee Creek I-5 Northbound

Most Washington DOT rest stops are similar. Like Sprague, the Gee Creek rest stop offers ADA-accessible restrooms, water, a picnic area, the free coffee program, and vending machines. However, it also has visitor information on the area and an EV charging station for all hybrid and electric vehicles. Gee Creek’s RV dumping station is open year-round for RVers.

TravelCenters of America – Spokane, WA

Truckers driving the I-90 through Spokane often choose the TravelCenters of America for its comprehensive services. This rest stop is off exit 272 on Medical Lake Road and the official address is 10506 West Aero Road, Spokane, WA. This truck stop offers many amenities, such as truck services, emergency roadside assistance, dining, and more. It has never been easier to be on the road with TravelCenters of America.

Reserve a spot on the Petro #0339 Spokane location webpage by clicking “Reserve It!” Truck Parking. The Spokane location offers a full-service restaurant from 7 AM to 8PM every day and quick-serve eateries daily.

Other amenities include a barber shop, interstate speedzone WiFi, laundry room, pet area, travel store, etcetera. Truck maintenance options range from oil changes and tire services to HVAC svc and roadside breakdown solutions.

While these rest stops in Washington offer a welcome break during your journey, it's advisable to plan your stops in advance. Verify the availability and any posted rules to ensure a smooth travel experience. Having backup rest areas in mind can be helpful in case your preferred stop is closed or under renovation.

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Whether you're exploring the scenic beauty of Washington or simply making your way through the state, these rest areas and truck stops offer a welcome respite during your journey. Plan your stops, rest well, and enjoy your travels across the Evergreen State.

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