Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses
Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses
Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses

What Size Mattress Fits in an International® Lonestar?

Black International Lonestar

The International Lonestar semi truck is practically unparalleled in its performance. For years, the International Lonestar has been highly-rated among truck drivers. Even with its outstanding popularity, the makers of this truck continue to improve and enhance its features. Not only does this truck perform great on the road, but it also provides drivers with a sleeper cabin of superior quality. With such a high quality sleeper, truck drivers can look forward to a good night’s rest on the road in their International Lonestar.

About the International Lonestar

This semi truck model alone comes in five different configurations including a 56” low roof sleeper, a 56” hi-rise sleeper, a 73” hi-rise sleeper, a 73” sky-rise sleeper, and a day cab. As you can see, International® Trucks is all about providing their customers plenty of options. Keeping in line with this objective, drivers who buy the International Lonestar have the ability to customize it with a “Build Your Own” truck option. With the “Build Your Own” truck option, customers can modify numerous aspects of their Lonestar configuration, such as the type of cab, exterior color, exterior design, drivetrain, and interior finishes. However, no matter how many modifications you make, there are several advantageous amenities that are guaranteed with any International Lonestar configuration. A few of these amenities include:

  • Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ : This standard collision mitigation technology prevents potential accidents by integrating camera and radio technology.
  • OnCommand™ Connection: This type of remote diagnostics allows fleet managers to monitor more than 130 vehicle health checks so that any necessary repairs can be spotted early.
  • Predictive Cruising: The predictive cruise option anticipates changes in road grade and adjusts the vehicle speed accordingly, thereby improving fuel economy.

Sleeper Cabin

The International Lonestar will not only get you where you need to go, but will provide you a safe, relaxing space, as well. At the driver’s seat, you will enjoy luxurious swivel front seats with adjustable armrests to provide exactly the support you need. These seats have been designed to provide enough comfort so that you should not feel any back pain or discomfort after a full day’s drive. Additionally, the driver’s seat has been built with increased elbow, hip, and leg room. Looking deeper inside the truck’s interior, you can find a sleeper cabin that maximizes comfort and relaxation while on the road. The front seats swivel toward a multi-purpose living space that is furnished with a refrigerator, so you can store your food, in addition to two cabinets, where you can store everything else. There are also storage areas above the windshield and at the bottom of the center console, which leaves enough space for a microwave or a TV. This sleeper comes equipped with many outlets, so you can plug in any electronics you pack for the ride, too. What really makes this cabin stand out is the addition of a sofa. For maximum versatility, this sofa is designed to convert into a sleeping area through the use of pull-down bunk. This bunk fits a 42 inch by 80-inch mattress and comes with a factory installed innerspring mattress. As you can see, the International Lonestar goes above and beyond to prioritize your comfort and relaxation.

Upgrading Your Mattress

As previously mentioned, the International Lonestar semi truck does come supplied with an OEM innerspring mattress. However, OEM innerspring mattresses do not generally provide adequate support or motion isolation, and usually only last so long due to the wear and tear of being on the road. Being that you have invested in such a luxurious sleeper cabin, you may also want to invest in a mattress upgrade. Of course, mattress shopping is no easy feat and truck mattresses are no exception. When it comes to truck mattresses, you will quickly discover that the mattress size varies with every semi truck sleeper configuration because every bunk is built to accommodate a very specific amount of sleep space. In the case of the International Lonestar, the bunk generally fits a 42-inch wide and 80-inch-long mattress. This mattress has the same length as a king or queen size mattress, so you can comfortably stretch out your legs, and it measures slightly wider than a traditional Twin XL, meaning you would need to find a mattress upgrade designed for this particular sleeper cabin.

What SleepDog® Can Do For Your Sleeper

SleepDog® mattresses are designed specifically for semi trucks, campers and RVs to maximize comfort for life on the road. We offer two different mattress models: the SleepDog® Mattress and the BigDawg Mattress™. Both of which are designed and made entirely in the USA with multilayer memory foam constructions infused with CoolRest® and SureAlign® technology to keep you cool, minimize motion transfer and accommodate your spine in all sleeping positions. Additionally, both the SleepDog® Mattress and the BigDawg Mattress™ are DOT approved and CertiPUR-US® certified. This means that they are safe for the road and, of course, safe for everyone to sleep on. Both models are available in most standard truck and RV mattress sizes, including a 42” by 80” size, also known as Size C. A Size C SleepDog® or BigDawg™ mattress makes a perfect upgrade for the International Lonestar semi truck model. Keep in mind that when you order from SleepDog®, your new semi truck mattress is delivered with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night risk-free sleep trial. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Specialists who are happy to help!

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