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Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses
Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses

What Size Mattress Fits in an International ProStar?

International ProStar

For professional truck drivers who make a living with late nights and long hauls, the International ProStar is a semi-truck that works almost as hard as you do. The International ProStar is specifically designed for heavy loads, local deliveries, and long hauls. In addition to being an exceptional option for safe driving, the International ProStar comes with a sleeper cabin of superior quality. It can satisfy most, if not all, of your work, travel and leisure needs and proves to be a satisfactory home away from home.

About the International ProStar

The International ProStar is an industry leader known for its durability, efficiency, and safety. This truck comes in four different configurations: a 56” low roof sleeper, a 56”hi-rise sleeper, a 73” hi-rise sleeper, and a 73” sky-rise sleeper. In keeping with the idea of customizing your over the road experience, International Trucks offers a “build your own”option for the International ProStar model. With this build your own feature, you can truly design a truck that is perfect for your truck driving needs. The cab, color, exterior/interior design, and drivetrain are all customizable to your preferences.

Those customizations aside, there are a number of features guaranteed to come with your truck, no matter the customer specifications. Such features include:

  • Predictive Cruising: The predictive cruise option anticipates changes in road grade and adjusts the vehicle speed accordingly, improving the fuel economy.
  • Remote Diagnostics: OnCommand™ Connection keeps you in the know with remote diagnostics that report real-time truck performance monitoring, alerts, health reports and action plans.
  • Electronic Stability Control: This feature helps maintain your vehicle's lateral stability and steerability, as well as provide drivers with improved safety during heavy and slippery surface braking applications.

Sleeper Cabin Environment

The sleeper cabin in the International ProStar ensures that you will have a more than comfortable space to rest and relax while on the road. What stands out the most about this sleeper cabin is how spacious the configurations are. Customized storage options including wrap-around sleeper storage, overhead airline-style storage cabinets, multiple wardrobe options, tower cabinets and additional secured storage. There is more than enough space to store your personal belongings and a mini refrigerator and microwave. Other amenities include TV and DVD combinations, with an optional TV mount and a Monsoon sound system. In addition to these luxuries, the walls and ceiling are covered with soft touch vinyl that functions as a smoke and odor repellent. As if these customizations were not enough, there is even the option of including a MaxxPower battery powered HVAC system. As for your sleep space specifically, the International ProStar provides its drivers with a 36 inch by 79 inch space for the innerspring mattress with which it comes stocked.

Upgrading Your Mattress

While the International ProStar conveniently comes stocked with an OEM innerspring mattress, this mattress will only last so long while enduring the natural wear and tear of life on the road. Keeping that in mind, a mattress upgrade will likely be on your radar sooner than later. When it comes to buying a bed for a sleeper cabin specifically, size, quality and comfort are three components that must not be overlooked. Most semi-truck sleepers are built with a very specific amount of space for a mattress. The best way to ensure you are upgrading to a mattress that will work for your space is to measure the mattress that came stocked in your sleeper cabin, in addition to your sleeper berth. The bunk in the International ProStar generally fits a 36 inch by 79 inch mattress, which measures slightly smaller than a traditional twin XL mattress, but is a relatively common truck mattress size sold by truck mattress retailers, including SleepDog® Mattress.

The Upgrade SleepDog® Can Offer You

At SleepDog® Mattress, our mission is to satisfy all of our sleepers, truck drivers and travelers alike, by maximizing comfort and improving the overall sleep experience. In order to do so, we developed two mattress models perfectly suited for life on the road. Our SleepDog® mattress and our BigDawg Mattress™ are both superior, American-made multilayer memory foam mattresses infused with CoolRest® technology to keep you sleeping cool while providing sufficient support for all sleeping positions. Both the SleepDog® mattress and the BigDawg mattress™ are DOT approved and CertiPUR-US® certified and available in a number of common truck mattress sizes. Our Size A SleepDog® or BigDawg™ mattress measures 36 inches wide by 80 inches in length, making it our best upgrade option for International ProStar truck models. Keep in mind that when you order from SleepDog®, your new mattress is delivered with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night risk-free sleep trial. If you have any questions or concerns about your next mattress upgrade, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Specialists who are happy to help!

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