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2023 Holiday Guide For Truckers

Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is officially here, which means if you have not started your holiday shopping, well then you are already behind! However, for the truck drivers and road trippers, SleepDog® is here to help. We specialize in products geared towards truckers, travelers and anyone looking to enhance their on-the-road travel experience. With that in mind, we put together a SleepDog® Holiday Gift Guide that includes some of our favorite gift ideas that will maximize comfort for anyone spending significant time on the road.

1. SleepDog® Mattresses

If you want to go big with your gift, you can’t go wrong with a SleepDog® mattress. With SleepDog®, you are not just buying a mattress, you are investing in a bed, an on-the-go office and a true source of comfort and relaxation for the truck drivers in your life. We offer two different DOT approved mattress constructions to meet the needs of every sleeper – the SleepDog® Mattress and the BigDawg Mattress™.

The SleepDog® Mattress is a 7” memory foam mattress construction made with multiple layers to create a medium-firm feel. The top layer of memory foam is infused with CoolRest® technology that will not only contour to your body to minimize motion transfer, but will also keep you sleeping cool night after night.

For the sleepers who prefer a more plush mattress, the BigDawg Mattress™ is the perfect choice. Our best-selling mattress is a double sided mattress built with 9” of memory foam; the additional 2” include the quilted foam cover on the soft support side. The BigDawg mattress™ mattress is constructed so that it can be flipped for soft or firm support. This mattress features contouring CoolRest® memory foam on the softer side and SureAlign® support foam on the firmer side. The combination of these foams will perfectly relieve pressure points and align your spine in any sleep position.

Finally, our newest truck mattress, the Dual Hybrid®, comes with 13” of premium support for advanced pressure relief. The Dual Hybrid® is currently available only in the Twin XL size but is perfect for those who are looking for a thicker mattress that supports your spine and accommodates all sleep positions.

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2. Aotto Portable Food Warmer

Food is an incredibly important aspect of a truck driver’s or traveler’s journey and meals can become a significant expense if you are continually relying on truck stops and restaurants. This makes a portable slow cooking oven a great gift idea! A portable food warmer can help you cook delicious and nutritious meals right in the cab of your truck. The Aotto portable food warmer, in particular, functions like a slow cooker and it comes with a built-in temperature regulator. The Aotto food warmer is compatible with 110V outlets found on truck inverters and features a rectangular base that keeps it upright while on the move.

3. 3" CoolRest® Topper

If your trucker needs a mattress upgrade, but a new mattress is not in the holiday budget, SleepDog® also offers mattress accessories that can improve the comfort of his or her current sleep setup. One of our most popular sleep accessories is our 3” CoolRest® mattress topper. This topper features 3” of the same gel memory foam used on the top layer of both SleepDog® and BigDawg mattresses designed to help cushion your sleep. The CoolRest® topper is available with or without a knit Tencel® cover and comes in most standard mattress sizes, including an RV sleeper size.

4. Glaciertex Cooling Pillow

Our innovative Glaciertex Cooling pillow is designed to take your sleep to the next level. Using thermoregulation technology woven into the fabric, the Glaciertex will feel cool to the touch and is engineered to keep you cool throughout the night. The Glaciertex is made with a special LOFT-X™ foam to provide proper alignment for your head and neck. The Glaciertex is available in queen/standard or king/California king sizes depending on pillow preference!

5. Sleep Tite® Pr1me® Terry Protector

For a mattress that functions as a bed, an office chair and a couch inside of a sleeper cab or travel trailer, a mattress protector becomes incredibly important in preserving the quality of the mattress itself. We suggest gifting a Pr1me® Terry mattress protector to anyone with a semi truck sleeper, camper or RV who does not already use one! A top-of-the-line product, the Pr1me® Terry protector offers a breathable top of mattress protection with a hypoallergenic and absorbent cotton terry surface. It features a liquid-proof membrane that functions as a barrier against allergens and dust mites.

6. EpicVue Direct TV

Is your truck driver looking for more on-the-road entertainment? The EpicVue Direct TV is a great gift idea that provides truck drivers with high-quality satellite TV wherever they go. EpicVue is at the forefront of the industry in satellite TV technology, offering various subscription packages that can allow truck drivers to keep up with all of their favorite shows even when they are on the road. The equipment package comes with a flat screen TV, the satellite dome and the Direct TV receiver. Truck drivers across the nation rave about their EpicVue TVs, stating that they would not want to travel without it.

What better way to show your loved ones you care by sharing the gift of comfort? For truck drivers who maintain lifestyles with unique needs and conditions, any practical gift idea to make life on the road more comfortable will be appreciated. At the end of the day, any of the products in our gift guide will make a difference in their day-to-day downtime.

7. SleepDog® Seat Cushion

For more comfort on the road, consider gifting the SleepDog® Seat Cushion. Made with foam and UltraSoft Gel, this cushion is perfect for truck drivers, car drivers, passengers, or even those who work long hours sitting down. Having a comfortable seat during long trips is essential to promoting health and happiness on the road. The double-density foam base and UltraSoft Gel are built to evenly distribute seating pressure and promote circulation while supporting your body. The SleepDog® Seat Cushion is designed to provide truckers with extended comfort and pressure relief to ensure a more enjoyable journey.

8. WeatherTech® Sun Shade

Window attachments such as sun shades come with many benefits, including saving energy, providing privacy, and reducing glare. For truck drivers, all of these benefits can make each journey a more pleasant one. Especially during the colder months, window shades can help reduce heat loss and can be folded and easily stored when not in use. The WeatherTech® Sun Shade is a perfect example of a window cover that is beneficial for all types of drivers. Its reflective surface helps keep out the cold and can provide privacy when truck drivers take a break, and depending on the size, it can be placed on the windshield and side windows for complete protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I maximize comfort while on the road?

Ensuring that your driving, work, and sleep spaces are clean, organized, and comfortable are the best ways to maximize comfort while driving your tractor trailer. In the driver’s seat, use a seat cushion to promote circulation and pressure relief; in the sleeper cab, we recommend choosing a memory foam mattress and protector that will fit in your unique space. Don’t forget to take breaks, eat healthy, and exercise or go for quick walks when you can.

What kind of equipment should I look for to make my truck space more comfortable?

One idea to make your truck space more comfortable is to choose a seat cushion with layers of foam or gel that help relieve pressure and provide support. Equally important is making your sleeper cab comfortable by keeping your sleep space organized and clean and by choosing a mattress and bedding that are comfortable. Finally, add some comforts of home to your tractor trailer, such as by purchasing a mini fridge, portable cooker, or TV.

Does SleepDog® offer sleep accessories for my tractor trailer?

SleepDog® offers multiple sleep accessories to help make your truck’s sleeper cab comfortable during every journey, including pillows, mattress protectors, and mattress toppers.

What are the best truck stops to take breaks during my journey?

If you’re a truck driver looking for the best places to rest along your journey, check out our guide to the best rest stops in the country, or take a look at our state-by-state rest stop guides.

What truck mattress options are offered by SleepDog®?

We have three truck mattresses, the 7” SleepDog® mattress, 9” BigDawg Mattress™, and 13” Dual Hybrid®. All are made with CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam and are DOT approved.

What truck mattress sizes are offered by SleepDog®?

We offer 9 truck mattress sizes, most of which are available in both the SleepDog® and BigDawg™ mattresses. However, our Size D (32”x 80”) is currently only available in the BigDawg Mattress™, and size twin XL is only available in the Dual Hybrid®. Our truck mattress sizes have been carefully engineered to match most standard sizes required by many major truck manufacturers.

What mattress size do I need for my tractor trailer?

Every sleeper cab is designed differently, so we always recommend measuring your sleep space or your current mattress to ensure that your desired truck mattress will fit. Some tractor trailers are able to accommodate standard mattress sizes, while others require more unique dimensions. If you are still unsure, check with your truck’s manufacturer to see what they recommend for a mattress size.

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