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Best Rest Stops in New York

Best Rest Stops in New York

Truck drivers often spend long periods of time on the road with few breaks. Therefore, having a safe and convenient spot to stop on these long trips can make each trip more comfortable, productive and enjoyable. Rest Stops are a great opportunity for drivers to get out of their trucks for a bit to eat, stretch, and even sleep if needed. But, it’s not always easy to find a rest stop when you need one, so before you head out on a long haul we recommend you take note of all of the rest stops that you may pass along the way. If you are traveling through New York, you will be happy to know that there are a number of very popular, well maintained rest stops where you can safely take a break and recharge however you need to. The New York State Department of Transportation maintains 3 welcome centers and 32 rest areas throughout the state. These stops reflect each region’s history and charm with the intention of providing the best service possible for all travelers. This guide will highlight a few of the best rest stops throughout the Empire State.

Western New York Welcome Center

The Western New York Welcome Center is a 24-hour rest area located in the town of Grand Island between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. This popular rest stop is inspired by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and represents the gateway to all of the history in the Western New York region. The Western New York Welcome Center is accessible from the Niagara Thruway, I-190. Roughly 23.7 million motorists travel past this rest stop each year.

Amenities of the Western New York Welcome Center include:

  • Community room
  • “I LOVE NY” Selfie Wall
  • Display of historic artifacts display
  • A floor map of regional attractions
  • A children’s play area
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Parking spaces for trucks and RVs

The Western New York Welcome Center is a great stop to rest, recharge, and learn more about the western New York area.

Mohawk Valley Welcome Center

The Mohawk Valley Welcome Center is located along one of the most scenic areas along the Erie Canal and Mohawk River and is accessible from the New York State Thruway, I-90 westbound. This rest stop showcases the rich history of the Mohawk Valley and directs visitors to the top tourism destinations in the region.

Amenities of the Mohawk Valley Welcome Center include:

  • Taste NY Market, which sells locally made food and beverages
  • “Path Through History” located along the historic Erie Canal at Lock E13
  • Walk of Fame highlighting influential individuals from the Mohawk Valley
  • An ADA compliant playground
  • A covered porch that overlooks the Erie Canal
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Pet relief areas

The Mohawk Valley Welcome Center is a scenic rest stop great for truckers and tourists alike.

Capital Region Welcome Center

The Capital Region Welcome Center is located approximately 15 miles south of Albany, NY and is located across from the New York State Thruway Authority's New Baltimore Service Area. The Capital Region Welcome Center was designed with a Dutch-style building façade that welcomes northbound travelers into the Capital Region. The Capital Region Welcome Center also features regional elements local to the area that are linked to the history of the Hudson River Valley. These local attractions include the New York State Capitol, the Saratoga Racecourse, and the Lake George area.

Amenities of the Capital Region Welcome Center include:

  • Taste NY Market, which offers products sourced from the Capital Region and NY state
  • “I LOVE NY” interactive kiosks
  • Area for farmers' markets
  • A children's playground
  • High-speed electric vehicle charging stations

Clifton Park Rest Area

The The Clifton Park Rest Area serves northbound traffic on I-87, also known as the “Northway”, in the town of Clifton Park, NY in Saratoga County.

Amenities of the Clifton Park Rest Area include:

  • Restrooms
  • Tourist information
  • Pay telephones
  • Vending Machines
  • Picnic area
  • Pet walk areas
  • 3 handicap parking spaces
  • 4 bus parking spaces
  • 92 car parking spaces
  • 28 truck or RV parking spaces
  • NY state police station

The nearly 30 truck parking spots combined with the state police station make the Clifton Park Rest Area one of the safest places in New York for truckers to stop for as long as they need.

Adirondacks Welcome Center

The The Adirondacks Welcome Center is located on I-87 Northbound in Glens Falls, NY. This LEED-certified welcome center is a great place to learn about this adventure-fueled region. Grab a snack from one of the nine Taste NY vending machines or take a load off outside in one of the Adirondack chairs. Kids can enjoy the sprawling playground, and this welcome center even has a boat inspection and wash station for visitors heading out on the Hudson River.

Additional amenities of the Adirondacks Welcome Center includes:

  • Chairlift from Mount Gore – perfect for a selfie!
  • Faux fireplaces
  • Pet comfort area
  • Electric car charging station
  • A playground – complete with a fire tower and a zip line!
  • Information center
  • Taste NY Market showcasing locally grown and sourced products

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