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Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses
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Best Rest Stops in Virginia

Best Rest Stops in Virginia

Rest areas are the most frequented roadside stops that provide both truck drivers and travelers with a safe place to stretch, rest, and in some states, sleep if needed. Truck drivers are used to spending long stretches of time on the road with very few breaks, so the stops that they do take need to be safe and easy to get to. Before you head out on a long haul, we recommend mapping out all available rest stops so that when you need one, you know exactly where to go. If you find yourself traveling through the state of Virginia, here is a list of some of the best rest stops throughout the state.

New Kent Rest Stop

The New Kent rest stop has both eastbound and westbound rest areas.

Westbound Facility

The New Kent westbound rest stop features a 9,000+ square-foot building that offers restrooms, an indoor vending area and an enclosed lobby with travel information easily accessible. This rest area also features a children's play area, picnic tables, and a dog walk. The facility has a security system and is sufficiently lit, which allows visitors to feel safe and secure at all hours. This rest area was also designed with innovative energy and water conservation systems, to help reduce the overall maintenance of the facility. With 86 car parking spots and 29 truck or RV parking spots, the New Kent Westbound rest area can accommodate plenty of travelers passing through.

Eastbound Facility

The New Kent eastbound rest stop was designed and built by the W.C. English Co. with architecture that maintains the traditional colonial style that is commonly seen in this region. This rest area, similar to its westbound counterpart, features an 11,000 square-foot building that houses restrooms, an indoor vending area, an indoor lobby with plenty of travel and traffic information, and a Virginia State Police office. You can also find a safe play area, a picnic area, pet relief areas, 170 car parking spots and 70 truck or RV parking spots.

Ladysmith Rest Stop

The Ladysmith rest stop is accessible from I-95 and serves the Fredericksburg area. The welcome center is open to the public from 8:30AM to PM every day, while the rest area facilities and vending machines are available 24 hours a day. Visitors will be able to find information about both local and state attractions, as well as information about travel, weather and traffic. This facility is open to all vehicles and houses 95 car parking spaces, 6 handicapped spaces, and 39 truck or RV spaces.

Ironto Rest Stop

The Ironto rest stop falls between Christiansburg and Roanoke, and happens to be the best rest stop closest to Roanoke itself. The restroom facilities at the Ironto rest stop are highly rated as attractive and well maintained. It’s important to note that there is a caretaker on site, to help maintain the cleanliness of the rest area. This rest stop is a bit smaller, but still offers a picnic area with BBQ grills, a dog walk and vending machines. This rest stop is open 24 hours every day of the year with 107 car parking spaces and 23 truck or RV spaces available.

Troutville Rest Stop

The Troutville rest stop also serves the Roanoke area, but is much smaller than Ironto and has noticeably fewer amenities. The Troutville rest area is located on Interstate 81 South near mile marker 158.

Note: This rest area and facilities are closed to the public until 9/2/22 due to a ramp extensions project.

Alternative Rest Stops

  • The Fairfield rest area is the recommended alternative for southbound travelers while the Troutville rest area is closed to the public. The Fairfield rest area can be found at mile marker 195 in Rockbridge County.
  • The Radford rest area at mile marker 108 in Montgomery County is another alternative rest area for southbound Travelers hoping to stop at the Troutville rest area.
  • The Troutville Weigh Station, located on southbound I-81 at mile marker 149, is another option for travelers while the rest area is closed. This weigh station currently has portable toilets and temporary parking available for commercial vehicles only.

Dale City Rest Stop

The Dale City rest area, not to be mistaken for the Dale City Car-Only rest area, is a truck driver's dream. This rest area is a truck only rest area serving the Alexandria area that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While Alexandria is a very densely populated area, rest stops are far and few between. The Dale City rest area is located at mile marker 155 off of I-95. This facility includes a picnic area, vending machines, restrooms, and is handicap accessible. Because this is a truck only rest stop, it houses 59 truck/RV parking spots, and only one car parking spot which is designated for a state patrol car.

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