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Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses
Father's Day Sale: Save 25% on mattresses

Which Sleeper Trailer Offers the Most Space?

Which Sleeper Trailer Offers The Most Space?

When truck drivers are pulling heavy hauls for hours on end, it is important to prioritize high quality rest, which is why sleeper trucks are a popular semi truck option for drivers who spend most of their time on the road. Sleeper trucks provide cabins where drivers can rest and relax in the privacy of their own truck. These sleeper cabins often come equipped with a number of amenities to deliver extra comfort while on the road. What really sets some sleeper trailers apart from others, is the amount of living space they offer. Needless to say, the more spacious the sleeper cabin, the better. In this guide, we introduce you to a few of our top sleeper truck recommendations that maximize living space and comfort.

Mack Pinnacle

Mac Pinnacle Ammenities

The Mack Pinnacle brings a whole new level of comfort to the trucking industry. This truck comes in five different configurations:

  • 48" and 56" flat-top
  • 60" and 70" mid-rise
  • or 70" high-rise models

However, the Mack Pinnacle is consistently praised for how spacious it is, regardless of the truck configuration you sleep in. The Mack Pinnacle™ 70-inch Stand Up Sleeper in particular, was built with 30% more living space for drivers to enjoy. At the driver’s seat, you will find a 6’11 ceiling for ample headroom. When you travel to the rear of the cab, you will find a ceiling height of 7’1, which allows you to comfortably stand up and walk around. In the sleeper cabin specifically, the sleeper berth generally measures 38” wide and 80” long, to perfectly accommodate a SleepDog® Size B mattress. The Mack Pinnacle also features industry-leading storage with a number of cabinets, workspaces, and under-bunk bins. There is even enough room for amenities such as a stainless-steel refrigerator, microwave, or flat screen tv.

Volvo VNL 760

Volvo VNL Interior

The VNL 760 is one of the most popular, best-selling premium high-roof sleepers that Volvo offers. This is another truck that is most notable for its size. The cab’s exterior has a width of 89.4 inches and a height of 123.7 inches. There is plenty of headroom at the driver’s seat, with a ceiling height around 81.5 inches. Door to door, the interior has a width of 83.5 inches. Designed to optimize space and comfort, the sleeper cabin has a ceiling height of 100.2 inches with a sleeper berth that measures 81” by 39”, which is perfectly suited for the SleepDog® Size B mattress. There is so much living space, there is even room for either a 2.1- or 3.2- cubic-foot built-in refrigerator/freezer. In this spacious interior, drivers will have plenty of room to complete paperwork, take meal breaks, and rest when the time calls for it.

International Lonestar

International Lonestar Interior

The International Lonestar will not only get you where you need to go safely, but it will also provide drivers with a sleeper cabin of superior quality. Up at the driver’s seat, you can find front seats that swivel with adjustable armrests and cushioning designed to prevent and minimize back pain. Just behind these swiveling chairs is a multi-purpose living space outfitted with a refrigerator and two cabinets to store personal belongings. There are additional storage areas above the windshield and at the bottom of the center console with enough space for a microwave or a TV. Further into the truck’s interior, you will enjoy a sleeper cabin to maximize comfort while on the road. The cabin is furnished with a sofa, which can be converted into a sleeping area through the use of a pull-down bunk. This bunk generally fits a 42” by 80” mattress, or a SleepDog® C mattress.

The sleeper trailers mentioned in this guide are just a few of the semi trucks that meet and exceed the requirements needed for optimal rest on the road. If the amenities offered by these trucks do not meet all your comfort needs, then you might be interested in upgrading your sleeper cabin with a new truck mattress. SleepDog® truck and RV mattresses are made with your comfort in mind and are DOT approved, meaning they are safe for the road no matter your sleeper truck configuration. If you have any questions about your next mattress upgrade or which mattress best suits your semi truck sleep needs, please feel free to contact our SleepDog® Customer Service Specialists who are happy to help!

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