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How to Buy a Mattress for Your Sleeper Truck

How to Buy a Mattress for Your Sleeper Truck

Whether you have a top-of-the-line Volvo VNL 860 or a more modest Kenworth T680, sleeper trailer trucks all have one thing in common: a factory mattress. While every sleeper truck is equipped and designed differently, they are all sold with a factory mattress installed by their respective manufacturers.

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Don't Settle for the Mattress that came with Your Semi-Truck

While the factory equipped mattresses for any semi-truck sleeper  are reasonably comfortable and suitable enough for most truck drivers, there is always the option of upgrading and replacing the factory mattress with something that will promise better rest. You may not be completely satisfied with the quality or comfortability of the mattresses that come standard with these sleeper trailers, or the original mattress may keep you tossing and turning, never quite allowing a restful night’s sleep. Stock mattresses also tend to wear more easily, and collapse or lose their supportive cushioning much more quickly than aftermarket mattresses, which are typically designed to be more robust and supportive long term. Similar to car-buying, the factory installed equipment in a semi truck just may not meet your quality standards, so it might be worth looking at an aftermarket replacement or upgrade like SleepDog® Mattress. These simple upgrades can often completely change the comfort of your sleeper cabin, so keep reading for a quick guide on how to buy a better mattress for your sleeper truck.

Find SleepDog® Online

SleepDogMattress.com offers mattresses engineered for professional truck drivers so that they can get their best rest while on the road. Compared to the more traditional method of visiting any number of brick-and-mortar stores to find a new truck mattress, ordering a new mattress through an online mattress company like SleepDog® is essentially hassle free. And for truck drivers who are constantly on the road, we know that’s ideal.

    1. Size and Fit:

It can be difficult to find the right mattress for your specific over-the-road sleep needs. However, SleepDog® currently offers five different sizes built specifically for semi truck sleeper cabs. To determine which size works best for your truck configuration, measure both the length and width of your current truck mattress, in addition to the length and width of your sleeper berth.

SleepDog® Mattress Size Guide:

mattress size guide
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Size A mattresses measure 36” wide by 80” long and usually fit the following truck configurations:

Size B truck mattresses measure 39” wide by 80” long and are usually a good fit for the following:

Size C mattresses measure 42” wide by 80” long and are generally compatible with:

Size D bunk mattresses are exclusively available in our BigDawg mattress™ model and measure 32” wide by 80” long. They are often a great fit for:

Size E mattresses are our newest size and measure 48” wide by 75” long.

    1. Sleeping Position and Firmness Level:

The mattress you sleep on will affect the way you feel when you wake up. It is important to have a mattress that supports your sleep preferences so you always wake up feeling well-rested. SleepDog® mattress offers 3 different truck mattress constructions, all of which actually accommodate all sleep positions. However, each mattress construction offers a different level of firmness. The SleepDog® Mattress and Dual Hybrid® Mattress offer a medium-firm feel, the primary difference in the way it sleeps being the foam and pocket coil hybrid construction of the Dual Hybrid®. The BigDawg Mattress™ is a dual-sided construction, offering either a medium-soft or a firm feel depending on which side of your BigDawg you prefer to sleep.

    1. Temperature Regulation:

Major truck manufacturers across the country have designed sleeper cabs to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Among these, Freightliner, Kenworth, International, Peterbilt, Volvo, and Mack have introduced strong and modernized HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems alongside additional features that enable you to easily control the interior climate. SleepDog® has also designed our sleep products to promote comfortable temperatures by incorporating cooling technologies into the mattress constructions. Depending on your sleep needs, our SleepDog® and BigDawg mattress feature memory foam layers that are infused with a CoolRest® technology, versus the Dual Hybrid® mattress, which is topped with an UltraCool® mattress cover that feels cool to the touch.

    1. Installation Guide: How to UnBox Your SleepDog® Mattress

Installing your new Sleepdog® mattress is easy! Simply unbox your new truck mattress near your sleep area, carefully remove the protective plastic outer-layer, and unroll your mattress onto the intended sleep space and your mattress is ready to go to bed when you are.

Our Guarantee

Shoppers often have concerns about buying sleep products online. SleepDog® makes makes truck and RV mattress shopping easy with free shipping, a free sleep trial, hassle-free returns and a 10-year warranty with every mattress. This means you get 120 nights to test drive your new mattress, and if you find that it’s not the right fit for you or your truck, there are no hidden or surprise fees to return it. Concerned about the quality of your SleepDog® mattress? Every mattress is built with American-made materials that are DOT approved and engineered to withstand the wear and tear of life on the road. If you still have questions about purchasing a sleeper mattress online, please contact a SleepDog® Sleep Specialist who will guide you to the right truck mattress.

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