Fall Sleep Sale - 25% Off Mattresses
Fall Sleep Sale - 25% Off Mattresses
Fall Sleep Sale - 25% Off Mattresses

How to Buy a Mattress for Your Sleeper Truck

SleepDog Truck Mattress - Back of Truck

Whether you have a top of the line Volvo VNL 860 or a more modest Kenworth T680, sleeper trailer trucks all have one thing in common: a factory mattress. While every sleeper truck is equipped and designed differently, they are all sold with a factory mattress installed by their respective manufacturers.

Don't Settle for the Mattress that came with Your Semi-Truck

While the factory equipped mattresses for any semi-truck sleeper are reasonably comfortable and suitable enough for most truck drivers, there is always the option of upgrading and replacing the factory mattress for these trailer trucks with something that will promise better rest. You may not be completely satisfied with the quality or comfortability of the mattresses that come standard with these sleeper trailers, or the original mattress may keep you tossing and turning, never quite allowing a restful night’s sleep. Stock mattresses also tend to wear more easily, and collapse or lose their supportive cushioning much more quickly than aftermarket mattresses, which are typically designed to be more robust and supportive long term. Similar to car-buying, the factory installed equipment in a trailer truck just may not meet your quality standards, so it might be worth improving the stock performance in order to enjoy it better. An aftermarket replacement or upgrade can often completely change how a vehicle feels to its owner, and with trailer sleepers, having a quality mattress is central to a truck drivers experience, especially on those long hauls.

Find SleepDog® Online

If you are looking for a high-quality upgrade to your stock sleeper trailer mattress, look no further. SleepDogMattress.com offers mattresses engineered for professional truck drivers so that they can get the best quality sleep possible while on the road.

While there are different ways to purchase an upgraded truck mattress, the best and most convenient method is to do so through an online retailer. Compared to the more traditional method of visiting any number of brick and mortar stores, ordering a new mattress through an online retailer is essentially hassle free. By shopping online for your mattress, you can save yourself the time and trouble of going to a mattress store. For truck drivers who are constantly on the road, shopping online is an ideal solution and often a better shopping experience overall.

Our Warranty

Shoppers often have concerns about buying sleep products online, from receiving the wrong product to unfair shipping and processing fees or policies that make it difficult or impossible to make returns. SleepDog® makes it easy to buy your truck or RV mattress online by offering free shipping, a free sleep trial, hassle-free returns and a 10-year warranty with every mattress. This means you get 120 nights to test drive your new mattress, and if you find that it’s not the right fit for you or your truck, there are no hidden or surprise fees to return it. Like many online retailers, SleepDog® runs regular promotions on its website and additional discount codes from time to time, too. If you time your purchase right, you can get an excellent deal on a SleepDog® mattress with all of these added perks.

Another typical concern for online shoppers is the quality of a product that they cannot see or try before purchasing.  At SleepDog®, we know that drivers are looking to get the best possible sleep on the road at the best price possible, so our mattresses are expertly engineered with professional truck drivers in mind. Comfortable and durable, SleepDog® mattresses are well suited for both solo and tandem driving. If one trucker is driving, the other can count on good rest, no matter the conditions on the road. SleepDog® mattresses are constructed with American-made temperature regulating and supportive materials, built to resist the typical wear seen on the stock mattresses, and designed to meet DOT standards. SleepDog® mattresses are a trucker’s best friend.

In many ways, online shopping has become the new norm, often offering better customer service, product selection, and even return policies for an overall better shopping experience. If you are still skeptical about purchasing a sleeper mattress online, then contact a SleepDog® Sleep Specialist who will guide you to the right product and answer any questions before you make your purchase.

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