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Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses
Memorial Day Sale: Save 30% on mattresses

Can You Use a Twin Mattress in a Tractor Trailer?

Can You Use a Twin Mattress in a Tractor Trailer

Having a comfortable mattress in a tractor-trailer is an essential part of ensuring your safety on the road. It’s no secret that a good truck mattress helps you sleep better, and a higher quality of sleep increases concentration, reduces stress, and keeps you and others on the road safer. Just as there are many different types of tractor-trailers, there are many different mattress sizes that are compatible with different sleeper cabin configurations. In this blog, we answer whether or not you can use a twin mattress in a tractor-trailer and offer some examples of particularly popular truck models and their compatible mattress sizes to help you decide upon the best mattress size for your sleeper berth.

The Dimensions of a Twin Mattress

A standard twin mattress measures 38” x 75”, making it the smallest residential mattress on the market. The twin XL size is a popular variation of the standard twin mattress, measuring 38” x 80”, offering an additional 5 inches of mattress length. While certain semi-trucks may be able to fit a standard twin size or twin XL mattress, many require a mattress with widths more specific to the sleeper cab.

Can Your Tractor-Trailer Accommodate a Twin Size Mattress?

Before you purchase a new truck mattress, it is crucial to measure your sleep space or the current mattress in your sleeper cabin. If you are still unsure of your ideal truck mattress size, we always suggest checking with your tractor-trailer manufacturer to see what size they recommend.

To properly measure your sleep space, be sure to calculate the height, length, and width of your sleeper berth. This will not only help you determine what size mattress will fit in the space, but it will also assist you in choosing the appropriate thickness. If you have a low-roof sleeper, for example, it is a good idea to choose a mattress with a thinner profile.

The most common truck mattress sizes offered by SleepDog® include:

While some tractor-trailers surely accommodate a standard twin size mattress, most sleeper trucks require a mattress size relatively custom to the sleep space. Many truck mattresses measure more than 75 inches in length, as well, generally offering slightly more sleep space than a standard twin mattress.

Truck-Specific Mattress Guidelines: Would a twin mattress fit?

Freightliner Cascadia

Some Freightliner Cascadia configurations would comfortably fit a twin XL size mattress, with one of the most common Cascadia mattress sizes being 39” x 80”. The 39” x 80” mattress size is a perfect match for our Size B, 39” x 80”, mattress, which would offer slightly more sleep space than a twin XL size, too. The Cascadia is also known for being able to accommodate multiple bunks, in which case you may want to consider our Size A mattress, measuring 36” x 80”, or our Size C mattress at 42” x 80”.

Kenworth T680 Advantage

The most compatible mattress with the Kenworth T680 Advantage semi-truck is a 38” x 80”, meaning a twin XL size mattress. Our most advanced truck mattress to date, the Dual Hybrid®, comes in size twin XL. Alternatively, our Size B (39” x 80”) mattress in either the SleepDog® or BigDawg® mattress would also fit well in the sleep space.

International® Lonestar

Because the International® Lonestar comes in five different configurations, you may need to pay extra attention to your measurements to ensure your desired mattress will fit in the sleep space. However, each configuration does come with a pull-down bunk that generally fits a 42” x 80” mattress, the equivalent to our Size C. In this case, a twin or twin XL mattress would be too small to fit safely in the space.

Peterbilt 389

The Peterbilt 389 offers multiple sleeper sizes with various configurations, so you can choose your favorite without sacrificing other features like storage and shelving. The most popular mattress sizes for each of these configurations are 36” x 80” and 42” x 80”, which match our Size A and Size C truck mattresses respectively.

International® ProStar

Like the Lonestar, the International® ProStar comes with multiple configurations (four instead of five) to offer you plenty of freedom when it comes to customizing your tractor-trailer. The bunk in the ProStar, especially in the 56” sleeper configuration, generally fits a 36” x 79” mattress, which is closest to our Size A (36” x 80”). The Size A is slightly smaller than the twin XL mattress size, but is still a relatively common mattress size in trucks. On the other hand, most International® 73” sleeper cab configurations are equipped with a Size C mattress, measuring 42” x 80”, or a 33.5” x 80” mattress, which is closest to our Size D mattress. Measuring is key with any International® model!

Volvo VNL 860

The Volvo VNL 860 comes stocked with a 42” x 80” mattress, which you may want to consider upgrading to a SleepDog® or BigDawg® mattress in Size C. This size is slightly wider than a twin size or twin XL mattress, meaning you get some extra space to spread out and feel at home while on the road.

International® LT Series

Similar to the ProStar, the International® LT Series comes with multiple different mattress sizes, depending on the sleeper configuration. For the 56” sleeper configuration, Size A (36” x 80”) is the most compatible, while the 73” sleeper configuration can accommodate a larger mattress (Size C – 42” x 80”) on the lower bunk and a smaller mattress (Size D – 32” x 80”) on the upper bunk.

Peterbilt 579

The Peterbilt 579 can commonly be found with the same mattress sizes as its counterpart, the 389. However, Peterbilt offers customization options for the 579, so the compatibility of each mattress may change based on your personal configuration. In general, you can use a Size A (36” x 80”) or Size C (42” x 80”) mattress if you have a Peterbilt 579.

Mack Anthem

Commonly, you can find mattresses measuring 32” x 80” or 36” x 80” in the various configurations of the Mack Anthem. These sizes are equivalent to our Size D and Size A, both of which are available in the BigDawg mattress™. Size A is also available in our original SleepDog® mattress.

VNL 760

The VNL 760 offers plenty of sleeping and storage space in its sleeper berth, providing a mattress that is 39” x 81”. Our two most compatible mattress sizes would be the Size B (39” x 80”) and twin XL (38” x 80”). However, keep in mind that the twin XL size for truck mattresses is currently only available in the Dual Hybrid®.

Mack Pinnacle

The best size mattress to fit in a Mack Pinnacle would be 38” x 80, which is equal to a twin XL but could be safely replaced with a Size B mattress, measuring 39” x 80”. While the Pinnacle generally comes with an innerspring mattress, it may not be the most comfortable on the market, which is why we recommend upgrading with SleepDog®.

Peterbilt 567

The most common mattress size found in the Peterbilt 567 is the Size C, 42” x 80”. However, there are four different sleeper cab configurations, and the 80” sleeper has the biggest bunk in Size C that can be lifted if you require extra living space. On the other hand, the smallest sleeper at 44” comes with a 31” mattress, which would best fit our Size D (32” x 80”) mattress.

Factors to Consider Beyond Size

While it is crucial to consider size and to take precise measurements when choosing an aftermarket truck mattress, you should also take other factors like comfort, thickness, and materials into consideration.

A thicker mattress may seem more comfortable to many, but will it be too tall to fit safely in your sleep space? The last thing you want is to wake up only to hit your head on the low roof of your sleeper berth. That’s why all three of our SleepDog® truck mattresses are built with both height and comfort in mind, never going above 13” in height while still maintaining the comfort and quality you strive for. Our mattresses are an optimal choice for truckers who are looking to upgrade their factory mattresses, which are not known for being the most supportive or comfortable on the market. With CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam and a DOT approved construction, our truck mattresses are designed to offer your most advanced pressure relief, spinal support, and comfort.

Tractor trailers often have very specific sleeper configurations, which is why it’s important to do your research and take measurements before choosing a truck mattress. For more information, you can check out each of our detailed blogs on specific truck models, or contact us today to find the perfect truck mattress for your tractor trailer.

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